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Pampered Chef: Sales Trying a Memorial day open house...

  1. scottcooks

    scottcooks Veteran Member Gold Member

    Fingers crossed - I put this out on eVites today... I'm pretty behind on May sales, and have aquired TOO MUCH PC product! Bold items were HTML links. Here's the invite:

    As you spend some quiet time on this day
    Honoring Veteran's present and past in your special way
    And making time for family, too
    There's some treats in store for you...

    Scott's PAMPERED CHEF Personal Sale!
    Once-a-Year Blow-out featuring 10-60%-off of any in-stock items, or FREE SHIPPING on anything you choose to purchase in the online catalog sale (see below) from now until May 25. Make way for the new Fall Products!

    10%-off one of the brand new items in Spring/Summer Catalog! Browse the Current Catalog and see if there isn't something your kitchen has been missing!

    20-50% off other current Catalog Items!
    60% off their original price, of some past Best Selling Items!
    V e t e r a n s Receive an Additional 10% Off Their Purchase!!

    Remember 10-2. Come in the morning for the most selection. Silent bidding on a piece of brand new Stoneware, and on a piece of brand new Cookware, bids opened at 1:30pm.

    Bring a friend and get a gift. Bring an order from a friend and get a gift. (If you bring $150 in orders—it’s a show, and you get $15[or more] plus a gift!) Bring someone or yourself, interested in the flexible Pampered Chef opportunity and get a free regular cookbook of your choice!

    May GUEST SPECIALS apply!

    Items will include Chilzanne / Oil Dipping Set / Serving Tongs / Stainless Serving Fork and Spoon / Corn Cob Nobs / Corn Butterer / Salt and Pepper Mill / Ice Cream Dipper / Mini Serving Spatula / Food Chopper / Cutting Boards / Deluxe Cheese Grater / The Grate Container / Ultimate Slice & Grate / Smooth-Edge Can Opener / Cut -N-Seal / V-shaped Cutter / Julienne Peeler / Cooks Corer / Lemon Zester / Grapefruit Knife / Quickut Paring Knife / Avacado Peeler / Vegetable Peeler / Crinkle Cutter / Simple Additions Classic White / Simple Additions Solids / Simple Additions Stripes / Simple Additions Tiles / Simple Additions Dots / Cookware / Micro Cooker / Nylon Tools / Pocket Thermometer / Adjustable Measuring Spoons, Cups / Silicon Hot Pad,Trivet / Oven Mitt / Oven Pad / Bread Tube / Baker's Roller / Springform Pan Set / Kid's Cookie Making Set / Clock,Timer / Cookbooks / Recipe Card Collections / Seasons Best Recipe Collection / Seasonings / Stoneware / Jar Opener / iSlice / Scrapers / Twixit Clips / Suds Pump / Kitchen Bursh / Linens / Bamboo Spoons / Bambo Bowls / Colander & Bowl Set / Garlic Press / Mini-Whipper / Ice Cream Sandwich Maker / and more…

    Finally, if you will be out of town or the times don't work out for you, please order online on my website anytime between now and May 25 and I will pay shipping for you as long as you include all payment info. On Scott’sWebsite , go to Our Products, then How to Purchase, then click Host First Name as "Personal" / Host Last Name as "Sale".

    ...suggestions? Other ideas?
    May 17, 2009
  2. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    Wow, what a huge inventory! I like the idea of an open house for Mem. Weekend.

    As a follow-up/reminder evite, you may want to mention all the goodies you'll be serving (I'm sure you'll do that).

    Good luck -- anxious to hear how it goes for you.
    May 18, 2009
  3. Wow you put a lot of thought into this and it shows! Can you share with us what the results are for you? Do you already have some you know will come? I find holiday weekends challenging.

    Editing note: you can remove the apostrophe for "Veterans"
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