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Suprise boxes


Novice Member
Apr 7, 2009
Someone please tell me about the boxes you buy at conference. If you buy a $10 box do all the $10 boxes have the same thing in them??? I'm new to conference so please bear with me.


Advanced Member
Gold Member
Apr 20, 2007
In the past few years there have been three different priced boxes. Each of the same price boxes don't necessarily have the same things in them. The most fun part of the boxes is the swapping what you don't want with things you do want. There is also shipping with Fed Ex right there so you don't have to carry the things with you. Last year the boxes were really good, of course the higher the cost the better the items.


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Feb 6, 2008
If I remember right, the prices were $15, $25 and $50. A clustermate and I split a $50 box last time I was at conference.