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Show Starters


Jun 15, 2005
Can anyone give me some advice on how to start a kitchen show? I feel like I've been flying by the seat of my pants with some of my shows and I would like to be more prepared. Does anyone take note cards with info on them? If so please let me know the outline of your shows. I have one in October that I'm really nervous about. It was suppose to be about 10 people well now it's about 25 and I'm totally excited but scared.


Aug 24, 2005
I have 15-20 minutes of social time, then have the host gather everybody together with an "Okay, come sit down, let's get started." I've tried to greet each guest personally and chat a moment with them during the social time, but I still do the "Go around the room, introduce yourself and please give me one word to describe (the host)." Sometimes people say things that are really sweet and the host cries; sometimes they tease her...but either way it gives you a good feel for your crowd. Then I introduce myself (about 3 minutes) and wrap up with, "And now let's get to the food!! (Host) chose a delicious recipe for you tonight called..."