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School Holiday Fair/fund Raiser


Feb 23, 2005
The PTA at my son's school informed me of a Holiday Boutique that they have every year as a fundraiser and suggested that I get a table theere. It is $15 for the 3 hours and they are requesting 10% of whatever I sell. SO I thought of submitting this as a fundraiser so they could get 15% from PC.... How does this work? Do I need to submit anything to HO ahead of time? Or get an approval?
I'm fairly new and have never done a FR before...

What suggestions do you have for this type of event... What type of flyers/signs should I post at the table to try to get people to book ....I will try to play up that the school gets extra $$$ for bookings, and I will even throw in a few more dollars as well as give a small prize to the host at her show.... do those sound good???? What else should I do.... How do people feel about placing the order and waiting for their items instead of cash & carry at the holiday boutique? Any ideas on how to display the products with a "holiday" feel??? (I am soooo not artsy & creative that way!)

Thank much everyone!!!

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Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Entering Fundraiser in Pampered Partner

In Pampered Partner, where you change from Kitchen, Catalog, etc...select Fundraiser and simply follow the prompts for entering the rest of the organizations information. Upon completing/submitting the show, home office will mail the check.

As for ideas, search this forum for tons of excellent suggestions. I would certainly have an easel sign or poster informing passers by that this is a fundraiser for the school.