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Question about website orders...

Apr 8, 2005
My first show is on the 15th (woohoo!!), and I set it up so friends can order through my website. Is there anything special I need to do? I noticed that the website charges her $6.60 for shipping. Can the product be shipped directly to her? How do I set it up in Pampered Partner to do this?
Feb 22, 2005
Guests can choose to have their orders sent to the host or have them shipped directly to themselves. IF they choose not to have their orders sent to the host then they will be charged regular direct ship rates as listed on the back of the sales receipts.

These orders will be e-mailed to you and not home office so you can enter them as they need be in PP whether direct shippig or not.

Use this web site to her advantage. Really be excited about it when talking to her about it and encourage her to send lots of e-invites. Also, really encourage her to send them to friends and family that she normally would not invite due to how far away they might live. When my hosts take advantage of th benifits of my web-site they add about an average of $100.00 to their show. I make sure to tell my hosts this during host coaching to encourage them to talk about it to everyone. Some do some don't but the ones that do reap the rewards.

Don't get too discouraged if you don't get orders on it at every show. Some are opposed to shopping on line. I have a lot of faith in my web-site because even though every host may not get orders through it, I know that there are people who look at it, then call ther host with these orders.

It is well worth the few dollars a month to have the option for folks.

Good luck with your first show!


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
When you get a web order, you need to go to the website and open the show. There is a place to click for web orders. That will give you all the info, including credit card stuff and if they want direct shipping.

You take that info and enter it into Pampered Partner. If they want direct shipping (sounds like that order does since it is $6.60), you click on additional info on the order page. Enter their address, phone, email, etc. and click on special shipping near the bottom. This will change their order to direct shipping.

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
good luck

It looks like everyone else already answered your questions!! So, I just want to wish you luck. Keep a positive attitude and keep the enthusiasm up!!