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Question about the Ultra-confusing itemized order forms...

Pampered Sofia

Novice Member
Oct 18, 2005
Okay, this may sound stupid, but for direct shipping do you include pantry items in the cost you figure the S&H on? I ask this because this terrible order form (which I will not be using for long, I've had many complaints) lists the pantry total after the S&H... Thanks!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Yes, pantry items are include in the product total too. Only add it up the product total, not S&H and tax, when figuring out how much to charge for direct shipping. Hope that helps! :)


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Feb 2, 2005
You figure the pantry total and the tax on the pantry total and then move it over to the other side of the order form under shipping and handling. Then you add it in. You have already figured your product total, tax, and shipping, so if you add the pantry total you come out right. A lot of times I just add the pantry amount (before tax) to my top line product total, then do the tax and shipping. It should come out the same. The reason they do that is because some states charge different tax rates on food products. However, don't forget to add the pantry total (before tax) to the pre-tax product total to get the true amount of sales for your host. And, don't forget, if you are direct shipping the rate is on the back of the order form and you don't add the normal 3.50. As for the sales receipts, I use the write in ones, but a lot of times I print the ones off of the web because I go home, put it in the computer and print the receipts on PP paper.



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Jun 22, 2005
I'm not sure I like the write-in sale receipts. There isn't a place to put the Host's name on there... this has always been helpful to me! So I just write it at the top once I get home.
Then I don't like that no one uses the Wish List, and I end up throwing them all away...what a waste! I have suggested to people that they take it home for their own reference later, as to the guarantee, since it isn't already on there since they have to write the products in themselves.

What have you all found with the wish list, and why isn't there a place for the host name?
Seemed like such a great idea... but...
Then the other order forms are confusing to me because the sections are so different than before. I have been with PC for almost 5 years, and was very familiar with the sections (ie cutting edge, baking basics, kitchen companion).
But I guess with time I'll get used to them.



I am not diggin the new forms either, but prefer the write-ins. My only complaint about them is there is no place for the hosts name. As for the wish list? I keep them and hand them out to my hosts to help them figure their order. Saves on photo copies.


Aug 24, 2005
Same for me

I hand out the wish list, I saves me ALOT of time in answerign the "where is so in so on this list" . I also have recently converted to the following forms better results


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Aug 16, 2005
I have found that most people don't even use the wish list on the write-in order form. They usually just get thrown away, and the ones I see often don't have a mark on them. I do like these form better, though, because they are not as akward and bulky as the other ones.

Julie Myers
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Denver, PA