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Putting items on sale thru your website (spinoff)


Aug 24, 2005
Saw this suggested in the thread looking for ideas on getting another $115 in sales and loved the idea. I am assuming they put in their orders as individual orders? If they go through the checkout process, how do you give the extra discount before it goes to Pampered Chef?

Thanks for spelling this out for me :) I am closing in on that last piece of Show to Go and I want to try this if I need a final push!


Jul 6, 2005
What my recruiter did

was have them email her the order and she would then put it in pp , and they could give her their cc info over the phone or however they were going to pay.Plus she was able to get enough orders to call it a show, she kept the benefits for herself , but you could always add that there would be a winner for the host benefits , maybe it would spark more of a interest in ordering ! Just a thought !! Let us know how it goes!!