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Old Registry vs New Wedding Registry

Nov 8, 2005
Help. :confused: I never actually did a bridal shower before and now have a customer asking how it will work and how to incorporate the new registry. I am trying to "wrap my mind around" how this will work to get the MOST host benefits for the bride. If they register with the new wedding registry first, then she is capped at $200 free product when her sales hit $1000. My thought was to have her do a traditional wish list first and have a shower (set up like a regular show in PP and on my website) so she could potentially get a lot more for free as a result of the shower. Then, I could set them up with the new wedding registry afterwards for whatever they did not get at the shower. My question is for the shower, how will guests who cannot attend be able to view her wish list and purchase gifts? I have never set up a gift registry the old way so I am not sure how people who log on to my website and then select the bride as host would view a wish list? I tried to look on CC and they have shut down the gift registry until they unveil the new wedding registry on March 1st Help please. thanks a ton


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Apr 10, 2005
Put Wish List on Your Website

I have been thinking about this also. Here is what I am going to do:

On my website, I will create a "news" item for "Suzy Bride's Wish List", with instructions for how to order (like, type the bride's name in as the host; and did you know you can order for yourself too? That way Suzy Bride will get even more benefits!, just be sure to send me an email or give me a call to let me know what items you purchased for yourself). Then, as people order, I will remove items from the list. It will mean a little more work, but I think that would be the only way around it. That way, you can maintain the list as it changes, but others can still view it.

Hope this helps!

Happy selling!


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Jan 21, 2005
Here's what I have done for my bridal showers:

I put her wish list on my web site - title "Mary & Steve's Wish List" and let host of the shower and the bride know that it's there. People can then go there, look at the list and place an order right there. They just go back to my main page and put the bride's name in as host of a show.

When I get the notice that the product was purchased I call the giver to see if anything was purchased for anyone besides the bride (a suggestion I make just before the list) and thank them for the order. I also do other customer care in that call if I can. Then I delete the gifts from the list.

Once the shower closes I put the wish list into the registry. I do it this way because I don't want a well meaning person to make a mistake that could cost the bride some free stuff!

That all being said, now with the new registry format:

I think I will start by registering her (or better yet - let them do it - that gives them ownership and they will more likely promote it to their friends and relatives).

I will suggest putting the registry cards in with any other kind of shower invitation and if a PC shower is planned I will add a note to the invitation stating that the couple is registered with the PC so they can look at the products they would like to purchase for the couple but that they should wait to purchase until the shower.

I'll also add a note saying if they can't come to the party they should contact me to order because the couple gets more free products at the shower and the purchaser can also save money on shipping.

Obviously I need to work on the verbage but you get the idea. :rolleyes:


Dec 14, 2005
I'm doing a shower later this month and I have her wish list in my news section. As orders come in, I will have to edit, but that's ok.
Nov 8, 2005

Thanks a bunch guys! I guess that's the only way to do it since you are all recommending the same thing. Thanks.