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New Consultant with Bridal Show in 2 weeks


Feb 16, 2006
Hi All, :)
I am a newbie to Pampered Chef and well just got a Bridal Show booked. I am very excited but also scared out of my mind. Its in 2 weeks and I just received my starter kit. Questions...
1. Has anyone done a Bridal show with just the Starter Kit?
2. Do you recommend me to order more Bridal registry information?
3. For a booth/display should I have a banner or poster?

Honestly, any advice would be greatly appreciated. As I said I am completely new consultant, my first actual show will be the Saturday prior to the Sunday Bridal show. Talk about stress. :(

Thank you and if you'd rather email me directly to spare the others any repeat information feel free to do so.

Have a great weekend!
email: [email protected]