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Need some creative thinkers please!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Hi Everyone!

I bought the very cute cookware notecards from Merrill at Leadership. I have this great idea that I am going to send on to every customer I have who has bought cookware from me.

The problem is... I can't figure out what to write in them! It can't be too long, since it is only a notecard. Obviously, I want them to get excited about the new cookware and buy a piece or two. I am booked in February, so I can only offer catalog shows for the host special.

Anyone good with words???


Novice Member
Dec 8, 2005
i would say something like i just wanted to see what you had been cooking up lately and to let you be the first to see these new pans which are Febuary Host Special and in March 40 products will be released please contact me to find out more
then tell them that you are full in Febuary when they call