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Question re: Executive Cookware in Feb...

Feb 2, 2006
Ok I should start from the bginning I guess so bear with me if it gets a little long. :eek: I had a show in January and decided to sign up to be a consultant. I will be signing up in March with April as my starter month since I just bought a house and am currently in the process of moving in so I had my director take the february booking I got so I could concentrate on the new house. The party was on the 25th and as the past host I was very excited to be able to buy the executive 12" skillet at 60% off since I couldn't sign up in February to get it for free. I was talking to my director beforehand and told her that I was going to get that pan with my 60% off. She told me that I couldn't get that pan until March and I would have to get a different pan. So I told her that all of the fliers I had seen had the executive cookware available to host and past hosts only in February but she again said that wasn't the case and I must have seen the professional 12" skillet and that would be the one I would have to get. When I got to the show and looked at HER flier sure enough it had the codes to put on the order form for the executive cookware and how much it would cost you with the 60% off. (again I'm sorry this is so long :eek: ) So she said I might as well try it and see what happens but she still insisted I probably wouldn't get it. I was talking with my friend and trying to help her decide what she was going to get with her 60% off and she decided that she wanted to get an executive pan as well and when she closed the party last night my director told her she couldn't get it!!! :eek: My friend called me today and told me that she had to pick a different pan to order and wasn't too happy about it. So I guess my question is was I mistaken or was my director mistaken?? Was the Executive cookware available to hosts? :confused: If it was, her hosts really missed out on something amazing this month!!


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Jun 29, 2005
Well, the flyer said the Exectuive cookware was not available until March except to the February hostess'. I had two February host's pick out the Executive, and one of them picked out that skillet. She must have misunderstood.


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Jan 21, 2005
I'm so sorry that you had this problem. Yes, hosts and past hosts in February could have gotten the Executive Cookware open stock as one of their 60% off choices. My guess is that your consultant didn't download a product update and that's why she couldn't order it. One of my down line had the same problem and after I suggested that she try a down load - wa la!

Here's what I suggest you do:

Nothing can be done with the order until it is delivered. Once she gets the order call PC (or have your consultant do it) at 1-888-our-chef and tell them that you wanted the executive cookware as your 60% off item but that your consultant couldn't enter it and made you choose other cookware. They should send a UPS pick-up for the cookware you don't want and then send you the one you wanted. You will have to pay any difference with a credit card.


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May 6, 2005
Yep, Beth suggested exactly what I was going to say. So you'll still be able to get the original pan you wanted. Same with the host of the show. It's nice because within the first 30 days after a show order ships, PC will pay for shipping for anything that has to be returned, whether it be for an exchange or if you flat out want to return something and want a refund. Isn't that cool?! That's why we try to do "Out of the Box" calls after a guest receives her order. If we do them within that 30 days and someone isn't happy or something may be broken, PC will pay to return it. :)


Nov 2, 2005
oh boy. Yes you could've gotten any of the 12" skillets for 60% off. I'm not sure if Home Office would do anything to change your order if it's gone in already, but it's worth a shot. I would call them yourself, or the hostess and let her know what the Director told you both and see if they'll do anything for you. I wonder how many people she told wrong last month! yikes....

so sorry that happened.

Feb 2, 2006
Thanks so much for all your help! My director hasn't called me or emailed me to say she couldn't get the pan I ordered so I'm hoping that my pan does come in right. I was just shocked when she told my friend that she couldn't get it after she had seen the codes listed on the flier. I'll tell my friend that she can call PC after the order comes in. She'll be glad to hear that. :D


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Dec 1, 2005
Exec Cookware Avail in Feb

And hosts could have ordered any of the Exec cookware and used their FPV or discount to pay for it! (all except the 5&7 combo).

It took me a while to figure it out, but it was on the updated flyer!


Mar 27, 2005
Unfortuntaly that consultant problaly missed out on a lot of potiental sales. On the last day of February one of my hosts bought the 5 piece Executive Set, and the 7 piece Executive Set, plus two Executive saute pans.

I agree with what everyone else is saying. I would called after the products arrive and exchange it. That's why they have the one year gaurentee on everything! I always call all of my hosts and guests to remind them of that guarentee!