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Need Future Director Advice




There's something I've been thinking about lately and thought I would come to you all for suggestions. I am a future director. I have recruited 7 people, but one has already gone inactive. I am looking for ways to give recognition to my team. Of course, our director will give incentives and recognition, but we both want my team to see me as their leader, since we anticipate that I will be a director before too long (I'm hoping by the end of the year!) All my recruits are fairly recent. None have qualified yet, but they're all working on it.

I thought I could give something like movie passes to the member who has the highest sales, but then I decided I don't really want it to become competitive.

My director has offered to let me give my team members recognition at our cluster meetings- meaning I will announce what they've done and give them the charms as they earn them, while she'll still do it for the rest of the cluster. Do you think this is enough?

I would love to hear what you all have done.

FYI- when I become a director, we plan to do our meetings together.

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Since no one has responded to this post, should I assume that future directors don't usually give recognition to their cluster-to-be?


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May 6, 2005
I must have missed this post the first time around when I clicked on the "new posts" thingy. I'm a fairly new future director, so I don't have a whole lot of input. I have five recruits and two have qualified and the other three are working on it. ONly two of the five are local to me and neither have had shows yet. To be honest, my director and I both seem to be working on recognition for them. I think recognition is SO important, so I'll be excited to make this more and more of my focus as they build their businesses. ONe of the most important things I see as my job as a Future Director (and ultimately as a Director) is keeping in very good touch with my consultants! Especially because some of them are long distance, I think this is helpful and that's what I would find helpful if I were in their shoes. I try to be there to answer any questions (email is great for this!). I also think regular phone contact is helpful. We do new consultant training conference calls and hopefully this is helpful for them.

I try to send little encouraging notes and recognition for various milestones...first show, qualifying, etc. I think doing some sort of incentive like the movie passes could work well, but part of it depends on what THEIR goals are for their business. LIke you said....you don't want it to become competitive. Some consultants may not have a huge goal of making tons of money in sales each month. Some just want the free products. Obviously you would know what your team would be motivated by.

I love how my director does it. We pair with another cluster for meetings. The recognition during meetings is pretty much recognizing high sales and they enter us into a drawing for some type of product. You get entries for every $500 in sales every month or something like that. There's recognition for recruiting, like the little charms on the PC pin. When I became a Future Director, my Director recognized me with a special apron and a gift. Sometimes they do extra stuff like earning spending money for conference or things like that. There's a "I'm Red Hot" RED apron that goes to someone each month for various reasons. I feel sort of silly wearing that to shows when I've earned it! :eek: That's just me. The recognition is great and that's how I plan to implement a program like that. It's harder for my long distance consultants, but I'm trying to work closely with their hospitality directors to ensure they get the same recognition. I will also be sending the charms they earn for their bracelets to them.

I'm working on organizing something formally, but these are my thoughts so far. Hopefully you'll get some more responses! :)


Jan 31, 2005
I too am a fairly new Future Director and my director lives 6 hours away! My recruiter moved as well and lives even further away. Needless to say I haven't had much exposure with cluster meetings. We don't have a cluster up here so me and my recruits have planned to get together once a month (sort of like our own cluster meeting) and swap ideas, etc. I too have been trying to think of ideas to motivate my recruits. If I think of any, I will share ofcourse. I'm sorry I can't help too much but it sounds like you have some great ideas so far!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Sorry for the delay in responding. I have not been on this website for a while as I have been booked!!!

I have 3 recruits, so I still allow my director to do the recognition, although I call them whenever they reach a milestone (qualifying, earning bonuses, etc)

Once I promote, I will take over the recognition. My director and the other directors we share the meeting with write recognitions on Nancy's Artworks cards and then list how many "picks" they get out of the director's basket. I.e. high sales is 1 pick, qualifying is a pick, etc. She has rolls of 5 catalogs as a pick, seasoning packets as a pick, etc.

Hope to see you all at Leadership!!! I just bought my ticket last night as Midwest was having a sale through today.


Jul 12, 2005
I also let my director do the recognition for their sales. However, I will occassionally make special recognition for "sticking with the business", starting the business, moving their business forward, etc. I will give small gifts, like candles (lighting the way for your new recruits), sweets (gold coins--because you are a treasure to my team, Junior mints---because your business is mint, etc), or other fun items. I never spend very much.

I was going to start a thread to see who all will be a Leadership conference. We should wear ribbons, or something, so others from this site know who we are! I also wanted to keep in touch with those who are looking to promote to Director, so that when I walk (my goal!!), I can meet those of you from here who are planning to walk also! We can keep each other motivated!!!

What do you think?
Aug 10, 2005
Have to agree with original post I need help too!

I have 2 recruits and I am also a Future Director, and I have 1 that hung up on my director for telling her she has to actually do the shows not just buy the kit, and the other was getting ready to pass me in sales then she went inactice and has only been doing this since January. :( :confused: