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Maintaing control at shows

Feb 7, 2005
Hi everyone. Love the forum, lots of great info. I need some advice on maintaining control at my shows.

I try to keep my shows at around 45 minutes. I open w/my story, demo cookware & stoneware, then do the recipie & take orders. However, at almost all of my shows, the guests are having so much fun that they tend to get loud and not pay any attention to the recipie demo, or any of the tools demo. I have the guests come up and try the products, like the Ultimate Slice&Grate, the can opener, the chopper, etc., but it just seems that people have so much fun seeing their friends and hanging out that they forget I'm there! My show average is about $600, which isn't bad for a part-timer, but I'd really like to increase that amount.

So, do I make my shows less fun (lol), or bring a whip and bullhorn (double lol), or what? Or are people just not taking me seriously enough, or what? Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance for any input or ideas.
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I've had the problem and it seems the more guests,
the more fun! Oh, well! Don't have an answer for you



Apr 22, 2005
Thats Great

I think you should be proud of your show average being $600. Right now the highest show I have done is only $500. Is everybody talking or just 1 or 2 people? I think as long as you have the attention of the majority of the people, it would be fine to continue with you Demo. If noone seems to be listening maybe announce that you will give out a prize to the first person who can tell you what the last product was that you used and what ingredient you used it for. Prizes always seem to get everyones attention. :)


Jun 18, 2005
Give them food. Seriously. Make something quick, or have an appetizer out when they get there (maybe cut fruit and veggies up fancy with your tools and serve with dip.) They can't talk if their mouths are full. ;)


Jan 31, 2005
It happens to us all

:D Good one Kathylynn!!! I've had that problem too! I think all of us have. I just keep going and sometimes laugh with them. I had a lady at one of my shows recently that literally came strolling in and took the lead of the party...she told us her life story like that was the purpose we were all there for!! As much as I wasn't interested ;) I had to sneak in and say "Okay, well, I'm ready to get started so we can all eat!!" That was a good attention getter!

In the beginning have everyone introduce themselves in a fun way and when all that is through suggest that you'd like to keep this short and sweet and you would like to get started on the demo so everyone can eat, talk and have a good time. I'd play a game too. Maybe select a product as "item of he day" and when they see you use it during your demo they should raise their hand. The person who raises their hand first gets to come help demo that product and tell everyone what they like about it best. Then present them with a Season's Best recipe book as a thank you for paying attention!! ;) That might help...

You know how women are when we get together - especially when it's a girls night and we have the checkbooks! Anyway, it's only natural we cut up! I have a show next weekend - I may try the game and see how it works!! If you find something that really does the trick let us all know!! :D


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May 6, 2005
Some funny things that my director has tried is starting to look around on the floor, under the table, in the kitchen cabinets as if you're looking for something. When someone notices (hopefully) that you've stopped your demo and asks what you're looking for, you can say "I seem to have lost your attention, so now I'm trying to grab it again." or something like that. I also know that you can start chopping something on the cutting board really loud with the Chef's Knife since it makes a nice big whacking sound or go to town chopping something with the Food Chopper. You can joke about it by saying you'll need to ask one of them to become the noise police and they'll get a little prize at the end.

I think it is a good sign, though, that you're shows are so much fun!!


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May 20, 2005
I have had that problem at pretty much every one of my shows too, I heard the one about finding your attention, or control...my director also told me that she has started a thing where if she catches someone talking that she asks their weight and they usually get quiet and then they get a laugh she tells them that whoever talks has to tell their weight, and that her demo won't be long then they can chat, personally I haven't had the chance to use any of these yet. I also have a problem with the kids coming in and out, and I was told that you could get them in on the act, if you have an extra apron, have them wash up and use the chopper or something easy.


I have looked at the person that is talking and I really loudly say "Wasnt that awesome?" (like I had done something real neat with one of the products) Then that person thinks they missed out on something and they start listening. Hope that helps!
Feb 7, 2005
Thanks, everyone, for the great responses. I definitely will try feeding them early--maybe the mushroom bread or something like that. Then I can sell the cookbook that recipie comes in as well!

Also, about introducing everyone...At this party on Saturday night, I was about to ask everyone to go around and introduce themselves, when the host announced that she would like to introduce everyone herself, and to say how that person has blessed her life. I thought that was just a fantastic way to begin a show. I'm going to approach my future hosts before their shows start, and ask them if they'd like to do that. It made the get-together very special.

Thanks again, and see everyone at conference--Session 2!!! :)

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janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
There was a good thread on here called "crowd control" with a whole lot of tips for getting back control of your guests. If you type in crowd control under the search tool it should bring it up for you. I highly recommend it!

Michelle K

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Jun 20, 2005
Hi I have had this problem too and I try to pick the loudest and most talkative person and ask them to come help me say use the food chopper or whatever tool I am using. Another trick is have them read the recipe for you outloud while you are doing the demo. That way they are getting the attention they apparently so desperately need and I get them to talk about Pampered Chef instead of their personal life. I hope this works. ;)
May 27, 2005
This was brought up in one of my work shops at conference last year and the speaker suggested that you go and hand what ever tool you are about to use or are talking about to the person talking and ask them to stand up and show it off. That way they stop talking, you don't and you have made your point without really embarrasing someone. I haven't use it yet but thought maybe someone could and give us some feedback.
Jun 27, 2005
You could play the "got it, love it" or "want it, need it" game. Once you go around the group doing intros and find out how many know about PC, have been to a show, have items, etc., tell them that the first person who yells out "want it, need it" or "got it, love it" when you demonstrate or talk about a product, gets a treat ( hershey kisses or nuggets work well). That way they all start paying attention to what you are saying or doing.