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Jump start my business in August

May 26, 2005
I'm recently on leave of abscence from my business. However, I will be ready to jump start my business again in August. Any ideas on how I can do this? I was thinking about doing a back to school show, or would I do better doing an open house first?

Any ideas will be helpful?


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Mar 13, 2005
Either of those ideas would be good, or you could do a fall preview show, myabe you can borrow some of the new fall products to show them off! Call all your past hosts/favorite guests and see if they would like the chance to be the "host" of the show. They each bring 10 guests or 10 outside orders to be a participant. Good luck!


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Feb 3, 2005
I would suggest starting as if this is your FIRST time with the business. Make a list of 100 or go back to your original list. Call them and let them know that you are restarting your business after a leave of absence and would appreciate it if they could help you out. I would try to find 4 friends/past customers to do a kitchen show for you. I would also try to get 2 catalog shows. Finally, I would do a kitchen show at your house. I am a bit leary of calling it an open house because it leaves the impression that it's not all that important. I like having a set starting time and treat it as if it is a host's kitchen show.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
National Conference

I suggest going to National Conference. If you can afford it it would be an awesome motivator for success.