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Is it Too Late to Call Customers from My Show?

In summary, it is appropriate to still call customers nearly two months after a party to follow up on their purchases. It is important to apologize for the delay and offer helpful tips and recipe ideas. It is also a great opportunity to share new specials and products. Remember, it's never too late to connect with your customers and build a stronger relationship with them.
How long is a reasonable time to still be able to call customers from your shows, as a follow up call? I did a show on July 6th that had twenty purchasing customers. About half of them I managed to call within 2 weeks after their product arrived, but the rest were difficult to get ahold of, then I went on vacation, got busy, etc.
Do you think it's still appropriate to call them at this time (nearly 2 months from date of party)? Or is it almost too little too late?
I'd like to know what anyone thinks?
Go for it!I think you can definitely still call them. I think I usually call about 2 months after the party- because it seems like that's when PP automatically enters the follow up date for when you add them to contact management- and I don't bother to change it!
Go for it!I don't think it would hurt to call. You can say that you realize they made the purchase 2 months ago but you like to give your customers time to actually use the product, etc. Plus you couldn't help but to share all the new upcoming specials and new fall items with everyone! Who knows, you might get another order or better yet a booking ;) ! These specials are too good to pass up!
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thanksOkay--I feel better about calling now. And it's a good idea to mention the new fall products, thank you!
I'll start tonight!

Hi there! As a fellow Pampered Chef consultant, I completely understand the challenges of following up with customers after a show. In my experience, it is always better to reach out late than never. While it may be nearly two months since the party, it's never too late to check in with your customers and see if they have any questions or feedback about their products.It's important to remember that life gets busy and people may have forgotten about their purchases or simply haven't had the time to use them yet. By reaching out and showing that you care about their satisfaction, you are building a stronger relationship with them and potentially gaining future business.I would recommend starting your call by acknowledging the time that has passed and apologizing for the delay in reaching out. This shows that you value their time and understand that things can get hectic. From there, you can ask if they have any questions or concerns about their products and offer any tips or recipe ideas to help them get the most out of their purchases.I hope this helps and best of luck with your follow-up calls! Remember, it's never too late to reach out and connect with your customers. Happy cooking!

How long should I spend on the phone with customers?

The amount of time you spend on the phone with customers may vary depending on the purpose of the call and the specific needs of the customer. It is important to be efficient and respectful of the customer's time, while also ensuring that all necessary information and concerns are addressed.


What is the average length of a customer phone call?

The average length of a customer phone call can vary greatly depending on the industry, type of business, and individual circumstances. Some calls may only take a few minutes, while others may require a longer conversation to resolve issues or answer questions.


Is there a recommended time limit for customer phone calls?

There is no set time limit for customer phone calls, as every situation and customer is unique. However, it is important to be mindful of the customer's time and avoid unnecessarily long calls that may become frustrating or inconvenient for them.


Should I follow a script when speaking with customers on the phone?

While having a general script or outline can be helpful, it is important to also be flexible and adapt to the specific needs and concerns of each customer. This can help create a more personalized and engaging conversation, leading to a better overall experience for the customer.


How can I effectively end a customer phone call?

Always end a customer phone call on a positive note, thanking them for their time and addressing any final questions or concerns they may have. It is also important to ensure that all necessary information has been exchanged and the customer is satisfied with the conversation before ending the call.

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