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Inviting Vs Asking Meeting Activity


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Apr 14, 2004
At my meeting last week I went around the room and asked everyone to share the name of a store that they go into often enough that either a sales clerk or store mgr would recognize them. Some of those places shared were Walgreen's pharmacy, Culvers, local grocery store, etc...

Using one of the consultants, I did a skit. I was the store manager of the place she named and she was herself. I explained ahead that although I didn't know her name, I did recognize her as one of those customers that came into the establishment on a very often basis.

"Hello! How are you today? You know, I have been meaning to tell you this for quite some time. You've been coming into the store quite often and you always seem to be happy. I just love your attitude! It sure is nice to see a smile like that! In fact, you just have one of those friendly faces and I sure would love to have you working along with me here at the store. Have you ever considered a position here where you could even get a nice discount as well as a very nice paycheck? I sure would enjoy working with you. Could I invite you to consider it?"

Next, I had them tell me how they would feel if they were this Consultant and hearing that from the store manager. The words they gave me were:

Warm & Fuzzy, chosen, important, flattered, proud, thought provoking

Then I did a short version of what could be a Consultant's "story" at a Pampered Chef show. Basically, it was a short history of why you got started, what you've earned, what you've enjoyed most. But it was alot of "I, I, I', "Me, Me, Me"...

I then had them give me words to describe what they felt if they had been a customer at my show hearing this story. Their words were, "So what, big deal, la-dee-dah, boring..."

There was a correlation between these 2 and I hoped they saw it, but in case they didn't, I took it further. I said, what if I changed my story to NOT INCLUDE anything about myself and turned the story around to be an invitation instead of a story....something like this:

"Imagine yourself arrviing in Vancouver and stepping onto this luxurious ship. You're having a hard time realizing you worked 8 times a month (not 40 hours a
week) to get here! For 7 nights you are enjoying the most breathtaking scenery you've ever seen. You even got to treat your husband or a friend to this trip of a lifetime and it didn't cost either of you a penny! Or imagine having a paycheck that will help you get out of debt, buy you a new vehicle or even pay your mortgage! With the flexibility of working when YOU want, you can work it around your family or other activities. Sound good? I invite you to consider what The Pampered Chef has to offer you by checking the box on your door prize slip for more information. I would be happy to share the information with you and provide you with an information packet before you leave tonight. We offer wonderful incentives, generous pay and a very fun work environment. Please talk to me before you leave tonight."

They listed the words they could to describe this version and it was much more positive, almost identical to the invitation from the store manager.

I also read what I found in a dictionary describing the words invite and ask. Ask was things like "to beg" (ick!) and invite was "to ask courteously to come, or to do somthing" and attract. Much more positive.

I think of all the recruiting training I have ever done, this one connected the best with my team. They are not recruiting very much, in fact only 3 have recruits at all, so I needed to dig deep and find a way to really get them to see the difference. I think they have felt for so long it's all about them, no matter what I have said to get them to see they are making a decision for others by NOT inviting them to consider being a consultant. This training definitely showed them there are ways to invite without being a pushy person or without it being all about them.
Mary Jo Oyer-


I LOVE this!

As a new director, I'm always looking for ways to inspire my cluster (9, with a 10th lady reactivating).

This is a great idea. My director, who I think is wonderful, is very good with one to one training, but we both feel that our cluster and other training meetings (we do them together) need more audience participation.

I can't wait to try this one!

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
What do y'all put in an information packet?