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Interested Bridal Shower Host Letter


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Apr 14, 2004
Thank you for your interest in Pampered Chef Bridal Showers. There is no better way for new brides to acquire all the high quality , well designed kitchen tools they need.

Guest enjoy the entertaining and informational cooking show. Guests may purchase items for themselves as well as for the bride to be, while munching on the show dishes.

The bride to be can see the products in use, try them, and then decide which ones she’d like to add to her gift registry. She is also usually, given the hostess plan benefits, resulting in hundreds of dollars worth of free products! Everything she’ll need for her new kitchen.

Please contact me for more information. It would be a pleasure to work with you towards a truly memorable bridal shower.
Debbie Bernhardt
Pampered Chef
Feb 21, 2005
Hello.. I just signed up and am awaiting on my starter kit...but I have 2 Pampered Bride parties in my first 6 shows..how do I begin? I am so excited. I already heard of the wish list....but how and do you decorate for the fun of it? The shows are not technically a "bridal shower" but my hosts are brides..can I do it as the same theme? Thanks!


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Apr 14, 2004
I bought some pink material- just enough to cover a 5 ft table and lace material to go over it. Then I went to a craft store where they had wedding stuff. I bought a couple of the collapsable paper bells, small plastic swans, etc. I also bought a roll of pink netting material and curling ribbon. You don't need very much and it's not expensive. Our products will be the real stars. The only thing is with our citrus spring theme- you might want to go with another color other than pink. I put together my display 4 years ago.

Betsy Moyers

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Jan 20, 2005
Bridal Shower Games

I have my first bridal shower in April. The host wants to play a couple mixer games or any game. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be grateful for your help.
[email protected]


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Jan 6, 2005
Couple Bridal Party - Reply

You could always do a "Battle of the Sexes" where the woman are against the men and each side is preparing a recipe through steps that you have written out.
Just a thought.
Good Luck,


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Mar 5, 2005
About the Games...

That is a great Idea! I am too planning for my first Bridal Shower through Pampered Chef and I just know that would be a major HIT! thanks
Hanford Ca

Betsy Moyers

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Jan 20, 2005
Bridal Show follow up letter

This is a copy of the letter that I sent after a bridal fair. I used some of what I read here and added to it. Feel free to use it and make it your own.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I enjoyed getting to meet so many of you brides-to-be at my Pampered Chef Booth at the Bridal Expo in ________!
As your wedding date approaches, you may have family and friends who wish to throw a Bridal Shower for you. Suggest a Pampered Bride Shower! There is no better way for you to acquire all of the well designed kitchen products that you and (your husband!) will need! Meanwhile, your firend who is hosting the party will not have a lot of work to do. She simply mails the invitations, provides me with a kitchen and food for the selected recipes, and lets me do the rest!
Pampered Chef products are of high quality, professional grade; are guaranteed for at least one full year; and are affordable - most are priced under $15. Our stoneware, which is the highest quality availabe anywhere and one of the best loved Pampered Chef products, is guaranteed for three years. Our collection of Professional Cookware has a lifetime guarantee.
Before your shower you will create a wish list of Pampered Chef kitchen products. When guests come to your shower, they will order items from your wish list for you, enjoy a cooking demonstration and some delicious food, and may even order items for themselves if they wish. Usually, you, the bride, will also be given the hostess benefits which will allow you to purchase a variety of tools in addition to the ones that have been purchased for you. A bride deserves to be pampered, and not only will you be fed well while friends have the opportunity to purchase quality kitchen prouduts that you'll use for a lifetime, but you can relax knowing that your guests are having a great time, too!
If you do not end up having a Pampered Bride Shower, but would like to host a kitchen show in your home or workplace, you'll be giving your family and friends the opportunity to eat great food, meet new people and learn new ways to cook and entertain while saving time. What could be more fun? For hosting a Pampered Chef show, most of my host receive $50 - $90 worth of free products of their choice AND 2 or 3 items of thier choice at half price (including our professional 10-piece cookware set!) AND a 25% to 40% discount on everything else they order at their show (no limits!) AND 10% off all their orders for an entire year! WOW! All this just for letting me cook and entertain your guests!
Again, congratulations and best wishes! I hope that you are enjoying the days and events that are leading up to the "Big Day"! Pampered Chef Bridal Showers are such fun and really do provide you with great tools that you will use for years and years to come. Please contact me for more information. It would be a pleasure to work with you toward a truly memorable bridal shower.
Your Pampered Chef Consultant,
Apr 10, 2005
I have had three gals tell me they were interested in a PC bridal shower. I have never done one so I don't know the best way to go about it.
I give them samples of the flyer, the host invitations and etc.
Do you do it as a normal kitchen show but with more games and more decorations? :confused:


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Feb 3, 2005
I have done it so guests do NOT bring any gifts, instead they purchase Pampered Chef products that the bride has choosen.

I have the bride make her wish list. I have the products printed onto index cards. I set those out and guests pick up what they want to buy. The bride gets the host benefits so she gets to pick out more free and 1/2 price products.

I have done it so I do not demo anything, but let them do their usual shower games...I don't run that (I let the bridesmaids do that or whoever is giving the shower).

There are some attachments on this loop with bridal shower stuff. Now that there is a files section on the top bar, you should be able to find it easily.
Apr 26, 2005
Bridal shower

I have never done one either...I'm new and doing my first one in May. The bride to be has asked me to do it like a normal show, and she and her fiance's first date was to a tapas restaurant so we are using all the new tapas recipes and making sparkling sangria...I created a registry for her from her wishlist so out of towners can see what she wants and have gifts mailed.

We are also having Mary Kay makeovers so it should be lots of fun. I guess we won't have much time for games but we might throw one in the mix. Good luck! :)