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I messed up an order in August, What can I do?


Jun 16, 2005
I was trying so hard to get an order in that I forgot to order the free cookbooks. I didn't realize it until the host called me. Do you think I can order them now ? I hope so. I have to order 3 cookbooks.

I ordered with PP, so they should be able to see the orders I think.
Thanks alot.


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Feb 14, 2005
I did that in the first month. I called HO and they helped me out. However I called right after I sent in the order.


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Feb 17, 2005
You can try to call the home office to see if they will give the cookbooks to you. The only thing I suggest is that you can put an order through PP as a personal order & use your 20% discount, so that your host does not get upset with you. You might just have to eat those cookbooks :( Let us know how you made out. GOOD LUCK!


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Apr 12, 2005
I did this also and HO just sent out the cookbook last week. Contact HO on the website (that's what I did) give them the guests name and the cookbook that they wanted and see what happens. In my email I said that I had forgot to order and was hoping they could fix my error so I woldn't have to buy the guest a cookbook. They corrected the problem it has just taken a really long time to get it shipped out.

I called the beginning of this month.