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Pampered Chef: I guess I just have to vent... I am in my SS1 month (which just

  1. ladybug

    ladybug Member

    I guess I just have to vent...

    I am in my SS1 month (which just ended 4/30) and I found out a show that I had on the 29th that is closing today WILL NOT qualify as an April show b/c it wasn't submitted last night!! I really tried to get that last show in so that I could get all of the bonuses, etc. and now I am not getting anything.. The worst part is that I was just $60 away from $1250, and now all is lost, and the show was a $650 show!!

    How is this okay?? If a show is held in April, it should count as an April show. All the other hosts get 3 days to close their show, why shouldn't a host that has their show at the end of the month??

    I am soooo not happy... please don't think I want to rain on the newbie's parades, I just wanted to vent
    May 1, 2005
  2. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    I understand your frustration! :( It is hard to realize everything when you first start but let's take a breath and go on from here...

    I consider that bookings in the last week of the month will be commission for the next month for me. I know that doesn't help what you're feeling right now but you can make lemonade out of these lemons - You already have $650 toward SS month 2! :)

    Talk to your director about your frustration and ask her to help you watch your numbers in the future. Hopefully your experience will help both you and your director to not let it happen again to you or anyone else!
    May 1, 2005
  3. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    I do understand your frustration. As Beth said, you already have $650 toward your sales for this month....that is over HALF to your Super Starter this month. You can probably get enough in to BANK it toward one of the bonus packages. You might get 2 packages this month!
  4. ladybug

    ladybug Member


    Thanks, really. I am still a little stung, (I was so looking forward to my sign on bonus - the pots) and other stuff. I did have a good time this month and have met some great people.. so it's not all bad...I just have a good old fashioned case of heightened expectations not met ..ie. disappointment. I wish my director told me.. or that I read the policy better. Any-who, it probably really is for the best, I do have the jump on May and I will not be able to do many kitchen shows in May b/c I am not having an easy pregnancy and have had to have epidural shots for the pain...

    Maybe this all happened so I don't feel too much pressure in May when I really need to rest. Thanks for the encouragement. I reeeeallllllyyyy needed to see the other side!!

    You girls are great.
    May 1, 2005
  5. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry about your SS month. I feel your dissappointment. That almost happened to me last night. Its a long and crazy crazy story. It made me so frustrated I told my husband if I didn't get this show in I was going to quit PC. ( I wasn't really but thats how mad I was) This hostess was not working with me at all to get her show placed last night. I was finally able to come to an agreement with her and got the order in with 2 hours to spare. I was definately feeling how you are now at this time last night. :mad: I talked to my recruiter today about it though and do feel better now. :p It does help to vent though so vent away... There are better things to come though and there will always be products and prizes for us to earn. Good luck with your pregnancy. I'm excited for you!
    May 1, 2005
  6. Feeling Disappointed Also

    Hey, April was my SS2month. I had 6 shows booked and all but 1 of them canceled on me. I also had 3 catalog shows booked. One of the catalog shows did not even get to the $150.00 so I added the orders onto the one kitchen show I had. The other catalog show was only a little over $200.00 because the host did not even try. The last catalog show that I had the host would not return my calls so I do not know what her total sales are and I did not get it closed out for April. So I also did not reach the $1250.00 that I needed. I closed out for the month at $749.00.
    May 2, 2005
  7. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member


    I'm so sorry that you had such a disappointing first month but take heart! Keep up the enthusiasm that made you decide to start your business and I promise you it will improve! Look over suggestions on this site and talk to your director about host coaching tips that will surely make a difference!

    Here's one more tip: I don't want to depress you further but watch your total sales before you submit that last show for the month! You said you submitted $749 in sales - if you had added a Season's Best to that last order you would have had $750 and gotten to the next level in commission. You would have had a commisision rate of 22% rather than the 20%.
    May 2, 2005
  8. Beth, Thank you for your support! I wish I had not been so mad when I was closing out the shows, because I probably would have thought about adding the seasons best to get to $750.00. I let my emotions get the best of me sometimes. The one good thing that did happen in April was I did summit 2 shows so I will get my charm for the month.
    May 2, 2005
  9. Lisa S

    Lisa S Member

    Closing shows can be frustrating. I was really hoping to close one on Saturday, but it just did not work out. I knew ahead of time that might be the case. But always look at the bright side. If I had closed the show on Saturday, it would have closed at $210. As of today, she is $5 away from $500 - a huge difference in my commission. And she has more outside orders coming in.

    When scheduling your shows each month, always try to schedule the first two weeks of the month first. Then fill in with the last two weeks of the month. As Beth said, it is always better to assume that any shows that last week will be submitted for the next month. Then if you receive the orders and payments early you are pleasantly surprised and you can decide which month to submit it for.

    Hang in there!
    May 2, 2005
  10. Help??!

    OK I'm getting nervous. I've got a show scheduled for 5/26 and I was hoping to have it count toward May. When do I have to close it for it to count? I've already met my SS month #1 $1250 goal and I still have 3 more shows to close out this week, but I was really hoping to get a SS bonus, too. I would help to have that end of the month show. Will my hostess still be able to get her May special - she really wants the pink Quick-stir pitcher - if I don't close it until June?
    May 22, 2005
  11. Your show has to be sent (via comp) by the 31st (TO the home office by then, also...correct?) in order to get the host special of that month, and to get the show to count for May...Let your host of 5/26 know that the longest you could hold the show open for would be a day or two..or let her know it would have to close that Friday and get those outside orders in before hand, whichever YOU feel more comfortable with. You can do it!!
  12. In order for your sales to count for the month you want them to, you show needs to be turned in and recieved by the HO by the last business day of the month at midnight their time (so here on the West Coast we need our orders submitted before 10pm in order to count) for electronic orders. You can always check your planner from PC they have everything in there.
    May - the 31st (electronic and mail) FEDEX deadline is the 26th.
    June - the 30th (electronic and mail) FEDEX deadline is the 28th
    July - the 29th (mail only), 31st (electronic only) FEDEX deadline is the 27th
    Aug - the 31st (electronic and mail) FEDEX deadline is the 29th
    Sep - the 30th (electronic and mail) FEDEX deadline is the 28th

    In order for you host to get the host special for the month she hosted a show, you have until the end of the next month. So for example you have a host hold a show on 25 May 05, you have until 30 June 05 to submit that show in order to recieve the host and guest special.

    Hope this helps.
    May 23, 2005
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