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HWC Fundraiser or Show??


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Apr 13, 2004
Fund-raiser versus kitchen show.

OK. The way a fund raiser works is simply this, if you mark fund rasier for HWC, 15% of the total shows sales will automatically be donated. An extra $1.00 from each of the HWC products will also go.
There are a few catches here though.
The host receives nothing in return.
The only thing that the host can get is the discounted Pitcher as a guest order.
The monies usually given to the host via product go to the HWC cause. I can not remember either if a fund raiser host even gets the 10% discount for the year or credit for the bookings later on down the road. I do not think so but...

So the choice is a difficult one, especially if the host is expecting something out of the show.
Something you will need to discuss with your host. Or have him or her book a second show from the fund raiser as each booking on a fund raiser is another $3.00 donation.
Good luck!