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Pampered Chef: Holiday Open House Announcement

  1. I am attaching a Holiday Open House Annoucement for suggestion and comment. Feel free to use if you would like. I am a new consultant and am looking to boost my sales for the month of December as I just found out today that a hostess that I was counting on to host a party has postponed until January. Needless to say, I was counting on her party to reach my goal of $1250 in sales this month.

    I enjoy reading all your posts and you have given me wonderful ideas for future shows. It is the least I can do to share this flyer with you. Enjoy.

    Steph Smith

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  2. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    I think that looks GREAT! It's really cute and will attract people's attention. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your open house goes well! And welcome to the PC family. :)
    Nov 22, 2005
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