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Help! I don't know if my order went in

May 21, 2005
Hi, I'm fairly new in fact this was my second order I submitted and now I'm not sure if I did it right. Is there any way to see if it went through? Please, I need your help so I can make sure I get it in by the deadline tonight. Its too late to call anyone. TIA


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
You could just look at your main show listing page in PP and see if it says "YES" under "Balanced" and if it lists the date that it was sent. Or to make sure even further:

Go back under the show and click on "Transmit Show" as if you're getting ready to submit it again. You may need to click on the various windows that pop up that ask if you entered the Host Special and Bookings. Click ok when it asks about "Submission Information", then you may need to click ok again about bookings. THEN when you get to the screen that says "Electronic Connection Order Selection" at the top, instead of clicking on "OK" to transmit the show, click on "View Logs" and it'll show you all the shows you've submitted, including what time it went through and if it was successful. Don't be afriad of submitting the show twice...unless you click that final OK on the "Electronic Connection" page. Don't do that!

Hope that helps!


Jun 6, 2005
Did you check on Pampered partners when you look up find a show and it shows all the shows you have on file, look to the end of the line and it will say Date sent and balance yes. If you have a date sent and balanced yes it should work.

I also look on the web site, under shipping status, but that doesn't show right after you submit it. Let me know if I can help any further. Good luck.