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Help a new consultant with first Bride!



Hello all. I am a new consultant (Sept 05) and I have my first bride (wedding date Jan. 14th) interested in Pampered Chef for her shower and wedding gifts. Since she has a new home I am helping her have a show.

1) She is mailing out 200 wedding invitations (end of November) and wants to put a PC registry card in each invitation so I am hoping someone has a file they are willing to share that I can print on Business Cards with simple instructions on how to go to my website and place an order or call me. I plan to set up a wish list on the news section of my personal PC website that I will update.

2) I am still trying to contact the Maid of Honor to put cards also in her Bridal Shower but I don't know when it is yet so if you have a shower file that would be great too.

3) Would you guys do this as 2 shows (1 for the shower and 1 for the wedding or how would you do it). I don't know yet if she wants a Pampered Bride shower because the bride doesn't know when her shower is so I have to find out from the Maid of Honor.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Amanda :)


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May 6, 2005
I've done a couple. One just ended being a registry I set up and I had cards made through www.vistaprint.com (because they were free) that included instructions on calling me to place orders after they view the brides registry through the main PC website. The problem you run into is people can purchase directly off the website, which is a nice option for them, but I try to compile all orders as a show so the bride also gets host benefits. No matter how clearly I tried to word the card, people still ordered directly off the main website. The last Pampered Bride show I did, I put her wish list on MY website as one of the news items. That way people could look on there, then follow instructions on MY website on how to place an order for her gift. That way, I had more control over it and could add those orders to her Pampered Bride Show. Nobody ordered off my website however. Only people at her show placed orders.

For the actual Pampered Bride Show, I just got the bridal stuff of the paperwork/supply order form and the person who organized it sent out those invites. It was very small, so that's probably why no outside orders came through.

As for doing two separate ones...I would go with what the bride wants. If she thinks she'd have a big enough shower to split it up, that's fine. Unfortuanately I don't have any kind of file since I haven't done too many.

Have you tried doing a search with that "search" button up on the menu? Type in Pampered Bride and you'll get lots. I know there are some forms and other formatted stuff on here somewhere. Good luck!


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Oct 7, 2005
Wow--good luck!

Wow, good luck with this! I've heard bridal shows can be a huge success!

I would wait to see how both of the shows turn out. You may be better off putting them in separate.. For instance, if each of the shows is $1000, then the bride/groom would get twice the benefits if you put them in separate. Because a $1000 show gives a max of 4 half-price items and a 30% discount.. so if you put the 2 shows together (at those example sales of $1000 each) then they're only going to get 4 half-price items, instead of 8 if you put it in as 2 shows.. I hope that's not too confusing.

I'll keep looking for ideas for you and hope to hear how it goes.. If you need anything, let me know.

God bless.
~ Amanda


Keep them coming!

Just a quick update unfortunately I missed doing her "actual bridal shower" because it was scheduled the day after I was able to talk to the maid of honor and it was already themed an "outdoor show" with flowers and outdoor decorations and such.

My bride will be having a Pampered Bride show on Dec. 17th so people can purchase wedding gifts for her wedding on Jan. 14th so I still need all the help I can get as this will be my first one.

Amanda :)