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Girl Scouts

Pampered Amber

Novice Member
May 12, 2005
I have a hostess that would like to do a show with her girl scout troop and their mothers. I believe the girls are about 13-15 years old. She kind of wants them to do the invitations and the planning...which is great. She also was hoping that I could have 2 of the girls as helpers. Any suggestions on how to make this special, recipes, anything would be a help. Thanks so much. I always get great responses and new ideas.
Sep 21, 2005
for the girl scout helpers

The 2 ingredient fudge is something that the helpers can do. You can melt the bag or chocolate chips, then add a container of frosting.Let it cool a little and then have them add to the EAD and squirt away. I made this and it was easy and looked great. The people at work thought I spent all night making it :)


Girl Scout rules

You might want to have the host double check with her council. Ours will not allow any kind of fundraising that involves selling any other company's products. It might be the same nation wide but am not sure. I would hate to see the girls get involved and then lose their money because the rules were broken. I'm a Girl Scout leader as well and it would crush my girls if they had been working and saving for something and then have it taken away from them.