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Failed Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser

Feb 22, 2005
Last night was my Help Whip Cancer Community Fundraiser. Flyers were posted all over town, donations were made by several local businesses (gift certificates to be raffled off at the event), announcements were made on the radio and in the local paper and our local Coca Cola bottling company made us a large banner sign that we posted on the main road through town. I personally sent out 75 e-mail and just before we went to set up at the high school where the event was being held we even posted the flyers that we had left on cars in Walley World parking lot. I am sickened right now by my commuity and their lack of coming out for an amazing cause. There were 2 people in attendance (1 that I invited and a friend that she brought with her)

I know that this is the wrong place to vent to make a difference but I am so bummed right now for the cause that I don't want to say the wrong thing to folks. What I want to do is send out a mass e-mail write a letter to the editor of the paper embarrising the crap out of this commuity for what they have failed to do. I know how un-tactful that is which is why I am here.

There was even a janitor there who kept coming in to check on us that sat a a table and cried for the lack of support our community offers. A lady that works at the high school (where the event was being held) has breast cancer and he was blown away that not even her coworkers came out to support her.

I know that there are places that are better than others for something like this but how sad that only 2 people were concerned enough to attend. The one that I envited even drove 30 minute to come. She doesn't even live in the area.

I would love to keep this open and try to get outside orders but I am so bothered by everyone right now that I don't know how to let people know that this can still happen without scolding them. Any suggestions?


Dawn...I can actually relate to your situation. Last week, the 13th & 14th, I held an open house for HWC at my home. I decided to do it there for several reasons, one being that it is free and I would not have to worry about getting a babysitter for my 2 kids. Anyway, I put an ad in the local newspaper, hung flyers around town (I live in a small town of about 3000 people) and sent out about 30 or so flyers to family & friends, and also sent out about 80ish emails about the event. I also put out signs on street corners, pointing people in the right direction. I held it on Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 and on saturday from 9:30 till 1pm. On Friday the only people that showed up were my 2 grandmas, my aunt, and 2 cousins. NO ONE showed on Saturday at all. I am so embarrassed! I worked so hard on getting this all together, and put so much money into the advertising and everything....I don't understand why the people from my town would not want to support this cause! I feel like I ran into a brick wall! And I feel like a total failure...but at least we tried to do something good, and hopefully we both will learn from this and try again next year. I know it's hard, but keep your chin up :)


Mar 26, 2005

I'm so sorry this happened, you sound like you were really committed. I've come to this site to vent and you all have helped me look at things differently, so I'll try to lend a little advice...
Remember why you started the whole thing...to get your community involved in helping to fight breast cancer. They didn't come, but they can still help!

Your mass email can maybe state something like

"In our busy lives, sometimes it is hard to find time to make a difference in someone else's life. In an effort to raise breast cancer awareness and donate funds to the American Cancer Society, I held a Pampered Chef Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser on xxxxxxx date. Unfortunately, attendance to this event was extremely low and we were not able to make a significant donation to this important charity. Fortunately, we can all still help!! By purchasing xxxxxx products from the Pampered Chef, you will be donating $1 to ACS per product!! You'll have an excellent product and a reminder of your contribution to help fight breast cancer. Let's come together and send the message to those suffering from the devastating effects of breast cancer, as well as survivors, that we care".

Something like that and then your contact info. I hope it this just gets your juices flowing and turn some of your well-deserved frustration to something positive!!

Hope this helps, and I still think you did a great job, despite the turn out. You have inspired me to think "outside of the box" with my own business!
Feb 22, 2005
Wow!!! Thank You! With all of my emotions on overload I never could have come up with something so positive. THANK YOU!

I have been on the phone today working customer care calls into "are there any items on your wish list that you would like to order today to help this amazing cause" type of thing. I love yours though. The customer care calls are going well and they were something that I had let go way too long anyway so they needed to be done. But, so far as far as the fundraiser thing I have added a set of adjustable measuring spoons. LOL.

Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for your creativity.


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Mar 29, 2005
Dawn, Thanks for the idea! I have sent 2 prior e-mails out to family and friends about the May products only and have had no takers! I just sent another one with your wording and maybe I will get a couple takers! I am in month 2 and have submitted $1913 this month with 3 shows! I am so happy! I have a little over $900 in my reserve bank and still have June to fill it! I am aiming for the stoneware pkg! Maybe with that e-mail, I will get $300 in orders to put me at the $1250 needed in the "reserve bank"! Thanks again for the idea!

May 22, 2005
Failed Whip Cancer

I had almost the same experience...I was given the use of a local hotel's conference room...donations of floral centerpieces and some other local store's donations..including a gift certificate for a massage!! I sent out over 70 invitations (beautiful and cost me alot of time and money)..Had flyers posted...and cooked and baked ALOT of food...all to have only 7 people show up...well, the ones there everybody went home with flowers!! But I have been able to collect outside orders, so it will not be a total loss. The one BIG mistake I think I made was not calling people and reminding them. My director had said to do it, but I was so busy baking, etc, I didn't get to it. I failed to realize that just because I was so excited about it, that even though 22 people had confirmed that they would be there...not to rely on that. I also have really just begun my business. I am already letting people know about next year. And the lady that donated the massage certificate (how I wanted to use that for myself!!). She already put it on her calendar for next year and is going to do chair massages at the tea.

If anybody has any other suggestions, please let me know.

The other thing that amazes me that even though I talked to people about the pc HWC items, not that many bought them. Has anyone else had that experience? :confused:

Thanks for listening!!!
May 16, 2005
My husband and I have had a lot of talks about people being so flakey these days. I have had good friends cancel their kitchen shows at last minute because they're lives are so busy. We're constantly carting our kids around to sports events, commuting way too far for work and just not getting enough rest! A lot of my friends are sooooo stressed out! People just need to take the time to relax! And those friends need to be Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultants!
Helen :D


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May 18, 2005
Failed HWC Fundraiser


I'm so sorry to hear your fundraiser wasn't the best, but as others have mentioned, it's a learning experience. Do your followup calls to catch a few more orders (or ask them to host their own HWC fundraiser), and take the positive thought that you've done your best to fight this terrible disease. I held a community HWC fundraiser at a local restaurant, following a plan very similar to yours, and had the same "community" turnout - nothing. Luckily, I had a lot of friends and family show up, and ended up with a $2100 show. I think what helped was that I included a personal story with the invitations (my best friend has stage IV breast cancer - she's a 35 year old mother of 2 very young children), and I asked each guest to pass catalogs to their coworkers and friends, with a copy of the invitation attached. I had 32 outside orders (more than 100 HWC items), 6 bookings, and a possible recruit! I'm going to do it again next year, but I'm skipping the community part. The time and money I spent on advertising didn't pay off (the friends and family members I invited were mostly e-invitations), but those that attended have already asked me to repeat it, so I will in honor of my friend.

Pampered Amber

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May 12, 2005
Hi Dawn,

I am from Maine...Brewer actually...and that saddens me that your community disappointed you. If I was closer I would have come myself. My mother in law had breast cancer and every little chance I get to get something little to remind me of her struggle I do. Maybe it will work out better next year.