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Door prizes?



Along the same lines as the hostess gift thread, what does everyone give for their door prize(s)? I think I have been giving away way too many door prizes at my shows lately. I had one at the beginning of September where there were 11 guests and I think I ended up giving every one a prize (either an old Season's Best, Twixit Clip, paring knife, or citrus peeler). My last show, the person organizing it for the host as a house warming, asked for 5 SBs and 5 paring knives and gave them all away (she offered to pay for them, but I didn't want to seem cheap, so I told her I would provide them). I always give my host a current SB, so should I only give out one door prize?


Jan 31, 2005
I've used twix it clips, quickcut paring knives, SB's, mini serving spatulas and citrus peelers...pretty much everything you see available for us to purchase on our supply order - I've used. I am going to start offering free kitchen shows too for certain games I play and see how that goes. I am having a fundraiser for a wives club in the middle of October and we are expecting quite a few people, so instead of using the usual door prizes that can add up quick (especially for large shows) I am buying a big bag of candy and throwing those out to my guests as they "help" or provide additional info at the show (I can sell alot of something when other guests rave about it!) - you can never go wrong with chocolate!! I've only been at this for 6 months and I am still trying to figure out more creative ideas! I would also like to hear what everyone else does! :)
Jul 16, 2005

I have a roll of tickets that I use to give away a door prize. I have one of the guests pass out the tickets. A guest gets a ticket everytime he/she gives a tip or use of the products that I am talking about. You can either get a roll of double tickets or a roll with single tickets. The double to call a number or if you decide to you the single, you can have the guests write their name on the back and then you can pick them up. I like to use the twixit clip container on the supply order. Just cap it and shake. I like this idea because I only have to give away one prize rather than a million. I also do the prize with the don't let them walk out the door without getting their information slips. So I really give two. But that still beats giving away ten.


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Jan 17, 2006
I love prizes!!

Personally I love to be generous at shows where I know everyone loves PC and I will generate big sales.
At small shows I try to be a little more frugal but I still love to give prizes.
I do two games, and one door prize slip give away at the end of the show.
I go to Walmart and buy cheap kitchen towels in different designs (apples, teddy bears, rooster, etc for 97 cents), matting oven mitts and pot holders. I make my own chocolate bars with my Wilton Thank you candy bar molds.
I give away lots of different door prizes (only one per bag with the kitchen mitts or towels) citrus peeler, Season's best, quikut paring knife.
I use other door prizes as gifts for purchasing $50, $75 or $100 during my shows when PC doesn't offer a FREE guest special, like bamboo tongs, I-slice, or Small serving spatula.
It just depends. i try to get creative every month!!


Mar 10, 2005
One thing I have done in the past is offer the door prize winner a choice of prizes. I would offer either a current SB or one of our seasoning mix samples. She could look through the SB to decide if that was what she wanted, and if she didn't she could choose the seasoning. This seemed to go over well.

As far as the candy idea, I have heard it done this way. Throughout the show, as you talk about a product or show a product, if any of the guests have that product, they say "Have it and love it!" Then, that guest gets a piece of candy. Whoever has the most pieces of candy, or empty wrappers :) , that person gets the door prize at the end of your presentation.


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Mar 17, 2006
I like to be generous at my shows as well....

I like giving out prizes at my shows as well. WHY?? Because I like GETTING PRIZES when I go to shows..... Let's face it if it is FREE - we love it!!

Think about Christmas - what gets you to the store at 6:00 am? They offer a PRIZE. More people at your shows means more opportunities for orders, bookings and possible recruit leads. I use twix-its for bringing a friend or outside order. If a guest books a show, they get to pick out a prize (scrapers, tongs, twixits, sm. measure spoons, or misc. dollar store items) from my booking BOOK. I used the outside hard cover of one of my large Tom Clancey books, added some vinyl sides, the jacket form Doris Christopher's book and I have a great little hollowed out BOOK to place prizes in. Cute Huh!!!

I also place a flyer of the current guest special and host special in of my lap boards. When time to talk about specials pesentation, I ask the guests to turn their boards over and see who has it. I ask that guest w/the guest special - to tell us about the guest special - in return, if their purchase is $60.00 - they get free S&H for being my "Vanna". I do the same for whoever has the host special and give them a gift (similar to the items in the BOOK) & offer them an I-Slice if they choose to book a show from their host today (work those possible shows). I use the next month's flyers if more than 15 guests are present and offer the same rewards to them for the current special. Give one guest $1.00 - $2.00 off their order if they have the pen with the ????? on it. I truly believe you get more if you give more. ;) ;) We want our shows to be FUN - put yourself in your guests shoes - "What is she giving or offering me" - does that make you want to purchase product or book a show???

I always give the host the current SB cookbook, a kitchen towel, a stone scraper, a basket pick (item < 5.00) for $200.00 in outside orders, same pick for giving me over 40 names & addresses for invitations b4 my chosen deadline, $2.00 in product for 15 at show, $2.00 in product for 15 indiv. orders, $1.00 in product if 6 at show say they were called prior to show, and $1.00 in product if at least 3 catalogs are returned to me in good shape.

These are a sampling of what I generally do - modify so it works for you and your budget.

I usually give out $10.00 - $15.00 in freebies at my shows. However, my show average is running $700.00 right now - so I can. If you aren't making that much income at your shows, try one or two of the above.

And DON'T FORGET TO SMILE and have FUN!!! It's infectious........



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Apr 12, 2005
I start with an on time drawing (which I'm far to nice about). Then I give the host a cookbook. I also do the door prize slips at the end , and I always draw atleast 2. I ethier put you are a winner note 1 or 2 catalogs for free cooking shows, or some other sort of booing incentive.

I agree people like free things. The more opportunities given the better, but don't break your pocket book doing it.


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Jul 7, 2005
Don't give away the store

Remember HO is taking good care of our hosts - don't give away too much, because it eats your profits.

I give a SB to the host, and have everyone sign it. I hold 1 drawing for a mini serving-spatula... Supply order makes these cheaper.

Giving something to each guest? Give them a catalog or a recipe card. Maybe a little piece of candy?


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Jun 24, 2005
Booking BOOK

Could you take a picture of this?? I'd love to see it!!

Thanks, and you have wonderful ideas. Do you Play any games at your shows??

Just curious.




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Sep 7, 2005
I give out a prize for a game. A prize for the raffle and a SBCB for the host with a choc. heart candy from our heart mold collection.


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Jan 4, 2005
I give each host a SB and have everyone sign it. For guests, I usually do something like a ticket game and draw one ticket at the end. One game is plenty. I have all sorts of little things that I keep in the small batter bowl (this month and next, I have them in the pink & white polka-dot mug), anyway its a mixture of stuff - the brown stone scrapers, twix-it clips, cake testers, $1 knives, recipe cards etc....) I let them choose something. Works great and doesnt eat into my profit.