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Dessert Plates


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May 18, 2005
Have any of you received your dessert plates yet? I got mine yesterday, and I thought they looked ok, but when I asked my husband what he thought, he said they look like they came from the dollar store! :eek:

What do you think of them? How are you going to promote them?



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Jan 4, 2005
I dont have mine yet - but this is pretty funny, a couple customers of mine said the same thing when they saw them in the catalog - they thought the "gold" on them made them look cheap. Regardless, I will probably bring them to shows closer to the holidays and see what happens.


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Feb 14, 2005
I was not impressed with them either. And really, who would pay $40 for them when like you said , you can go to the dollar store. I am not even going to mention them. I would much rather my customer get something like one of our stones for that money. She would use the stone all the time. How often would you use dessert plates?


May 25, 2005
Had to laugh...

I haven't recieved mine yet but was thinking on the same lines. And actually part of the irony for me is I got a bunch of plates at the dollar store and everyone who visits my home thinks they are beautiful antiques! Go figure! :rolleyes:


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Nov 24, 2004
Selling Dessert Plates

I think that it's important to find ways TO sell the product(s) that may not be our personal favorite. The beauty of Pampered Chef is that there is something for everyone. Simple Additions for example... To many, they are overpriced, plain white dishware. To others, they are elegant, special occassion dishes. Still to others, they are their everyday plates and dishes.

Depending on your area demographics, these plates may or may not sell well. Many individuals will feel the plates are special, elegant, and want to show them off. Others literally like to "know" they paid more for a product. Some have a negative perception of dollar store merchandise. Our job is to sell the quality Pampered Chef dessert plates intended to be passed down to your family members the same way they would with their china, etc. Many gold trimmed plates cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Ours can!

What other benefits and selling techniques would you use. Even if it isn't one of your favorite products, what would you tell the customer when they ask you about it?


I have to agree with Rita on this one...

...there is NO understanding other peoples' tastes or thought processes.

Best example: I live in Europe and several years ago I made some Christmas ornaments for a market. The ones I worked hardest on (which personally I thought were beautiful) did not sell. The hideous ones with painted glitter were all gone in the first hour. Dollarwise, they were the cheapest made as far as materials used, so I made the most profit in them, but they were not my best work. There were less expensive hand-painted detailed ornaments which nobody even bothered to look at. I sold about a half dozen total.

I was so depressed, I went to a friend's restaurant to feed my self-pity. :p It was located outside an American military base. She saw how upset I was and asked me to bring the ornaments in and she would buy a few. When the other patrons saw what was going on, they all came up to look through my box of ornaments. I sold all but 4.

Go figure. Just when you think you know the market....

Besides, people are paying for the name. Why else would they spend $10 on toaster bags?
Jul 20, 2005

I was wondering if and when somebody was gonna comment on the Midseason products...I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that feels that they really are overpriced for something so simple. And the cakes...hmmm Who's gonna go there?? ha ha ha As to what has already been said, I do have to agree with. Tastes are so different!! What one person thinks is ugly, could be absolutely gorgeous to another.
So, all we can do is our job. I am usually very honest to my hosts/customers. If they ask me about a product that I don't care for, I tell them how it worked for me and suggest that it could be a totally different experience for them.


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
The Plates

I just got my plates today. I think they are beautiful. The gold etched pattern would look stunning on the table with the Celebrate Plate. I think the price is a little steep for some people.

However, you have to remember The Dollar Store is not our competitor. People who appreciate our quality know to compare us to other kitchen tool stores like Williams Sonoma. I am sure their plates are just as simply designed and highly priced. Our plates are packaged nicely and carry our brand name.

Just my 2 cents! I sure am glad I earned them!! :D


I got mine yesterday, and after reading these posts I was prepared not to like them, and especially to have my husband not like them- but I agree with Chef Kearns, their packaging is cute and elegant, and I like the plates and look forward to using them.

Would I buy them for $44? No, but I can understand why someone with more money would. I'm happy I have them and I certainly welcome their addition to our catalog.


Apr 22, 2005
Got mine

I just got mine yesterday also. I like them too. I asked my husband for his opinion, and he said they are nice but he wouldn't spend that much on them. I agree with him that the price is a little steep, but someone who has money will probably buy. :D


I liked them when I saw them in the catalog. I belong to an organization that the symbol is a star and we are always doing different things with a gold star. What better way to serve dessert than on these beautiful plates and especially when some of these gals have some money to spend! ;)


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Oct 5, 2004
An Idea I Saw on Another Board

Someone suggested that the plates be used singly with a nice mini-bread loaf or mini-fluted cake, wrapped as gift for teacher gifts at the holidays. This helps make it a more manageable price point per gift and if a host gets it with her benefits, even more so! I plan on showing it at my shows by presenting the host with her piece of my demo recipe on the plate (hopefully followed by oohs and ahhs!).



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Jun 22, 2005
I agree with serving your hosts on a special plate, I used to use a Simple additions plate. Now I have the Celebrate plate or the dessert plate. It makes them feel special! And they are the Star of the show!

Also, I make dessert once a week for my family. This gives me a chance to try new PC recipes, and keeps my kids for spontaneously wanting ice cream! So every Wednesday I make a nice PC dessert... and since we have 2 kids, my husband and myself, we can use those 4 plates every wednesday.

I agree they seem a bit steep in price. But... they would make a nice wedding gift, or anniversary gift. And most gold trimmed nice plates aren't dishwasher safe!... I like the box it comes in...it will keep them looking nice for a long time!