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Customer Care Cards

Sep 18, 2005
I am trying to make my own Customer Care Cards has anyone done this? Does anyone have a template? can anyone gimmie clues as to what all needs to go on it?

Thank you all for any help!!!

Tina Bennington
Indianapolis, IN
[email protected]
Dec 15, 2005
Try "thebooster.com"

You could make your own, but the one's available from "thebooster.com" are pretty inexpensive and have been in development for years, so no detail as far as what should be included have been overlooked. I just ordered some for myself last week and am going to give them a try. (I find that I spend WAY too much time on the computer designing things, printing things.........I've decided to spend a few dollars for pre-made things, and use my time making business calls instead!!)

Good Luck!

[email protected]