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Client wanted refund because product was NEVER delivered!


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Oct 11, 2005
In September I made my Cust Care Calls: Here's one:

ME: Hi, Lisa... This is Anne with TPC. I met you at Leigh's party. (JULY show-that's important later.)
LISA: Yes. I had a great time. I love your products.
ME: (Getting giddy--This one's in the bag!) Me, too. I just wanted to call and personally thank you for your purchase.
LISA: You're welcome.
ANNE: How is your Mini Muffin Pan? Do you have any questions... anything that I can...
LISA: I don't know. I haven't gotten it yet.
ANNE: (Gasp!) I'm sorry... I thought I mentioned that the pan went to the host's home. (Who lives UNDER her in the same condo complex)
LISA: Oh, yes you did. She keeps telling me she has it, but I haven't gotten it yet and I feel like I'm bugging her.
ANNE: I don't understand what the delay is. The show was in July. I will give Leigh a call and see if she needs me to deliver it. (OMG-She works next to me. What am I going to say? Umm... Leigh, you need to part with these items. They don't belong to you. Set the pan down gently, slide it towards me and walk away. No one will be hurt. Don't make me call other Consultants. Good, Lord!)
LISA: Oh, you don't have to do that.
ANNE: Its my pleasure. I will tell her that "this lady needs her muffin pan!"
(Call ended from there.)

Soo a few days later the lady calls me screaming on my machine about never getting the product. So, I offered to send her a refund. $20 which included her Round up donation. Now, I am out the $20--so should I say something to this girl? I would love some advice.


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Jun 20, 2005

I would definitely say something. You did your job. The host needs to do hers. What did she think? That everything that was delivered to her home was hers to keep? I mean REALLY. This is ridiculous! Her show was 3 months ago. I can't believe that Lisa hadn't called you to complain yet! I know that I would have. If they live in the same building I would walk down to her apartment and stand at her door and refuse to leave until I received my merchandise!!

I can't get over the gall of some people!
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Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005

I don't even know what to say... ridiculous doesn't seem to cover it! What is the host thinking?!?!

You definitely need to talk with the host and find out where excatly she became confused about her part of this show. The sad thing is it sounds like you not only lost out on a potential future host/customer, but she probably lost out on a friend.

I am just flabbergasted...


Aug 24, 2005
Wait a minute, wait a minute! Why are you offering a refund? Doesn't the host have the product? I don't see what more you can do other than call the host. Offering to pick up the orders and deliver them yourself is a possibility, but definitely above and beyond what your "duties" are. The situation is just bizarre--I hope it works out! (If you already gave the refund, by the way, I would make sure that you end up with the product when everything is said and done!!) Keep us updated!