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Catalogs/Forms - when do you pass them out?

Jun 29, 2005
I've always passed the catalog/order forms out after intros and right before my demo - one reason is so that they can mark everything they want on the order form as a "wish list" and then choose (this hardly ever happens though - marking a wish list). Well, yesterday at my sister-in-law's show I FORGOT to pass them out and did not get them passed out until AFTER the demo. I came home with an awesome show total!! I don't know if that was part of it or what.... so now I'm wondering if I should always wait. I have another show Wed and going to NOT pass them out until the end and just see if there is a difference. My mom was at yesterday's show and said that everyone just hung on every word and seemed really interested in what I was doing/saying and I said "that's because I forgot to pass out the catalogs" well, that's when it hit me, maybe I shouldn't. When they have the catalog they are talking to their neighbor and comparing what each other has, etc. This way they paid attention to the demo...... So, my question is:

When do you pass out your catalogs and do you think that it makes a difference?


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I do it at the beginning and even offer them to people if they're there before everyone else is. I've never done it the other way, so it's hard for me to personally compare. One thing I do notice is that when people sitting next to each other start chatting about stuff in the catalog (although it is a pain when this happens DURING the show, but what can you do?!), they are often selling the products to each other!! I also think that some people come to a show knowing what they want to order, so they start browsing and create their "list", but as they hear about other stuff, they add to the list. I guess it can work both ways, but I think it adds to a nice relaxed atmosphere if people can start to browse the catalog. I used to try to tell them what page EVERY product was on that I demonstrated, but I've gotten away from that. First of all, I just can't keep up with the page #s every time they change the catalog and having two kids has depleted my brain cells to remember that information. Plus, I think that encouraged people to flip through the catalog right then and there and miss some of what I was saying. Some people do still look through it as I talk about a product and if there are a bunch of products on the same page that I want to draw their attention to, I do still tell the page #. But, overall I've gotten away from that.

I'll be interested to hear others' opinions on this because I don't think I've ever been to a PC show (although it was only 4 in my life, including the one I hosted) where a consultant waited until the end, but I know some do.

It's kind of funny you started this little experiment for yourself by accident! Let us know how it goes over at your next show! :)


Jul 6, 2005
I also pass out my folders in the beginning,

I think it gives them more time to look at stuff. I feel that if i do it at the end they are kinda rushed , wanting to eat and talk with there friends. I feel that they do not look through it as well, as they do if they have it the whole time. Also i feel that if there is a tool or something they like during the demo they have somewhere to mark it down. Where if they didnt have the folders they might end up forgetting about that tool form the beginning of my show!
That is my opinion ! :)


Jul 12, 2005
I used to pass out my catalogs at the beginning, but found that too many were "nose to the book" during the show, and again, would get interruptions by friends chatting. Now, I always have a time in my demo where I ask the guests to go around the room and name their favorite PC product. That gets most of the chatter out of the way, and they can share with their friends at that time their favorite PC product.

I hold on to the catalogs until the very end now. I find that I get more involvement with my crowd, and I have more control over what I want to promote and sell. For example, people used to tune out during my stoneware talk if they already had a piece. Now, I have there attention, and my stoneware sales have increased! Also, most of the time I've found that the things that the friends are talking about are things like Micro-cookers and citrus peelers.

I found this to be a huge difference in my per order average. Since I've done theme shows, passed catalogs at the end, and lengthened my stoneware talk, I've gone from a $30/order average to a $45/order average.

Also, just a side note, I hand out prize drawing slips at the end also, unless i need to use the back for a game. I don't want anyone filling them out until they get all the information to make a decision!