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Bookings Booking phone messages to leave for potential hosts

Suzy Englert

Apr 10, 2006
I have customers who want to call me to book a show-either I met them at a show and they did not have their calendar with them and/or want to pencil in a date, or I met them earlier in the year and they want me to call them in June (or a specific month or time) to set a date for their show. I'm getting lots of answering machines and trying to call at different times of the day.

Is there anything else you can leave on the answering machine besides "I'm calling to see if you've had the opportunity to look at your calendar to see which date works for your show" (and I have emailed my available dates to them) do you just continue calling and/or leaving messages? Many times when I have reached these types of customers we have set a date and had a successful show. And I'm trying to earn TPC in sales this year and am good at following up w/ potential hosts. I realize it's their job not to call us back but get tired of leaving messages. Any ideas?


Suzy in Texas


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Mar 5, 2009
If after 2 calls and emails I still haven't heard back I call and leave a message that says
"Hi XXX, this is Kara from the Pampered Chef! I hope you are doing well, I am following up with you about booking your show. If anything has changed please let me know, otherwise I will continue to try to reach you until we catch up. If I don't hear back from you by XXXX (day) I will give you another try over the weekend. You can also email me at xxxxx...."

Usually this will get a resonse. I also emphasize that I had such a great time meeting them and am SO excited to help them earn free stuff!


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Apr 15, 2009
I hate calling over and over.....makes me feel pushy and desperate. I have found, though, that you have to do it. When I FINALLY DO reach them, they're happy I did not give up, and "meant to call" or "couldn't find number"....

I have a party scheduled this month, and it took me over a MONTH of calls. She's excited and my VM kept PC on her brain. She's apparently been telling EVERYONE she's having a party, had 3 orders ready when she called to schedule her show! lol

She has family driving in for the weekend because they want to see what the buzz is all about! Ha Ha

Let's hope it is a successful one.

I also have 2 recruit leads (who do not know each other) that have been receiving my VM for over TWO months. They just emailed me, separately, that life became crazy. They are still interested but have to wait until late this month. Funny thing, they both wrote for me not to give up on them! lol

Now if I can remember this when I'm leaving the 10th VM and sending the 10th email! It can get tiring, but tenacity can pay off. = )


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Mar 11, 2007
I don't quit calling until they specifically tell me to, either on the phone or leaving me a message.

From the first contact I will leave a message every week and then once a month until they either book or tell to they aren't interested.