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Belinda Ellsworth Summer Business Tips


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Feb 3, 2005
Here is part of a newsletter from Belinda Ellsworth...Step into Success. She is AWESOME! I recommend you checking out her site.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Here are a few things to do to jumpstart your summer business.

1. Talk to at least one new person about your business every day.

2. Set a goal to recruit at least two new people into your group this month.

3. Work with the workers. Work with those on your team who want to promote. Define who they are. Who are your next leaders? Do some goal setting with each one to determine how you can best help them meet their goals.

4. Summertime is a busy time! Keep in touch with your team. Call, write or email them often.

5. Collect quotes that inspire you and refer to them when you are discouraged. Listen to upbeat music!

6. This summer read one new book, from cover to cover.

7. Wear something every day that’s a conversation starter. Your “Business is Great” pin is the perfect choice. This helps break the ice and encourages people to talk to you.

8. Take your business with you! Make sure you always have catalogs, literature, business cards, your date book . . . and always know your next two available dates to book a show!

9. The year is half over, so do some mid-year goal setting. What will you need to do (or not do) to meet your goals for 2005?

10. Convention tips: Bring an extra notepad and pens to take lots of notes on all the great things you’ll learn. Wear comfortable shoes for standing in long lines. Pack an empty duffle or tote for any “goodies” you might bring home. Pack snacks, gum, mints and water; and don’t forget a light sweater for those cool, air-conditioned meeting rooms. Bring lots of business cards and meet as many new people from other areas as possible. Have a wonderful conference experience!

11. We’ve talked endlessly about using cool, refreshing themes for summertime parties, but some of the most fun are Girls’ Night Out, Bingo, Mystery Hostess and team parties.

12. And . . . the most important tip of all: Cherish the time you spend with your family and friends this summer.

Have a great week!
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Jul 12, 2005
My director gave me the Belinda Ellsworth Steps To Success CD set to listen to when I first got started, and I have listened to them three times, and passed them along to my recruits.


If you want motivation, ideas, words to say, and a good laugh, this is the best thing you can do for your business!

If she ever comes near you, go to her seminar...well worth it!

Rebecca Bilyeu
Future Director