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Attention ne ohio people: Food chopper


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Nov 6, 2007
ISO Food Chopper in NE Ohio

Does anybody have a new food chopper I can borrow from your cash and carry?

I have a customer who needs it by June 29. I told them I'd try to get it by June 26. It will be submitted today, one way or another, but I know I am cutting it close.

I have almost enough orders, including the chopper, to turn these orders into a show. Nobody else is in a big hurry. It would cost me $50 to bail this out. Direct shipping (minus an order for cash and carry) would cost me roughly what everybody heas paid, but if I submit these orders that way, I will be inactive. (One customer told me to call her today, and I'm hoping her order will be $50 or close to it.)

If anybody LOCAL happens to have one, please let me know. I can replace it as soon as the new one comes in from my show.
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