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Recent content by samcmills

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    Baked potato soup recipe

    Does anyone have this recipe that they can email me or put a link on here? I had a party this weekend, lots of leftover potatoes (we did baked potato bar) and my friend suggested potato soup. Well my cousin started selling PC and I loaned her all my cookbooks along with a few other...
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    Cinnamon and Caramel Sprinkles

    I made the profiterole puffs this weekend. I was out of vanilla flavoring so I put the caramel sprinkle in the cool whip/powdered sugar mixture instead. They were fantastic. The kids were eating them up fast.
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    Feedback system?

    I would love to see a feedback system like e-bay has when things are sold here on chefsuccess.com. It is that check and balance thing that would great. That way when you have a problem with something the person that sold it to you might be more willing to help fix the problem instead of...
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    Used PC products

    I just wanted to poll some other PC consultants. If you sell a product used to someone that is still under warranty and a replacable part of the product turns out to be defective, would you file an adjustment to get that part replaced? I just bought an US&G for a friend from another...
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    For Sale - TTA White & USG

    Dannyzmom, did you get my e-mail? I sent it on the 27th but haven't gotten a response. My friend does want the USG. I sent you my e-mail address and mailing address, if you could send me a paypal invoice or tell me what e-mail address to send a payment to, or what other form of payment if...
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    For Sale - TTA White & USG

    Great, let me e-mail her the price and I will get back with you this afternoon.
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    For Sale - TTA White & USG

    Do you still have the USG for 25? A friend saw mine and wants the older version not the new mandoline. The zip would be 70706 for shipping.
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    Bread crock insert

    Are these for sale on the replacement parts order that anyone can find? I looked but didn't see it. I had a friend give me her plain crock and would love to have an insert so I can use it to hold flowers and utensils. The one from my red one fits but I don't want to buy a new crock just for...
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    Ss bowl lids

    I thought I had read that but wasn't sure, figured you ladies would know. I am going to be ordering me some lids now. I hate those old flimsy ones and I love the new one that I do put in the dishwasher and have had no problems. It just seems better made. Thank you so much, everyone have...
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    Ss bowl lids

    Does anyone know if the ss lids on the replacement parts order are the nice heavy duty ones like the one the 8 qt ss bowl that was a host special came with. I love that lid, the other ones are so flimsy and I would love to replace them if at all possible with the heavy duty ones. Thanks sam
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    Turkey in stoneware

    I am cooking a whole turkey this year, we are having a friend get-together Sunday to play games, I have a 20 pound turkey. Just wondered if anyone has cooked a whole turkey in the rectangular lid/bowl and rectangle deep dish baker before, any tips, suggestions. I am going to use the...
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    Friendship question - long

    ChefBecky it sounds like we have the same friend, you are so right on that. My friend does have that need to be needed attitude.
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    Friendship question - long

    Yeah it did sound kind of snotty but everyone is entitled to their opinion as my FIL always said. I tried to get out of it but she kept on and on about I needed to come over, etc. She called me today and we talked about it, she doesn't feel she did anything wrong. Our plans were...
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    Friendship question - long

    She would be there for me but I wouldn't ask it of her if she made plans with other people and in the past that has happened and I haven't. I think I just expect people to act like I would in situations and that might be part of the problem. Thank you for the input.
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    Friendship question - long

    I can't post this on my mom's board because the friend in question is on there and we have a lot of the same friends. I know you cheffers have some great input and I would love to hear some to help me think through this situation. I have been friends with this woman for over 4 years. She is...