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    Bookings New Consultants looking for business

    Lemon-Aide Lady How do we request the newsletter from the Lemon-Aide lady ?
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    Personalizing website

    Html How do you get to the HTML page on the website? Thanks.
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    Bookings Mystery Host

    Drawing for products What products does everyone give away at mystery host parties? I was thinking of giving away a few items before the big prize of being the host but am not sure what to give. Please help!
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    Theme Show Couples Cookoff info and invitation

    Best Recipe for Couples Cookoff I am looking for a main dish recipe to do for a couples cookoff. What has everyone found to be the best as far as using some great tools? My host wants me to have something easy for the guys to follow and make.
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    Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix

    I have a customer wanting to buy the Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix. She said the last time she ordered it was in 2003. As I wasn't a consultant then, I'm not sure what was in this seasoning. Does anyone know what was in this and if we have anything comparable now? Was this a seasonal mix...
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    Theme Show Flyer for Mexican Margarita Fiesta

    Does anyone have a good flyer for a Mexican Margarita Fiesta? Thanks.
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    Help Whip Cancer 2005 flyer

    Beth, I'm a little confused. Please help!!! I don't really understand. I am not doing a fundraiser so I would be ordering the Help Whip Cancer products for my customers on my own. So when people order items on the flyer, do you charge them shipping? If not, do you have the items shipped to...
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    More Stoneware Sensations

    Recipes Thank you very much, Beth. I was unaware that we could get recipes from the home office. Thanks for the info too :)
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    More Stoneware Sensations

    I am trying to find the recipe for "All-American Cheeseburger Ring" and "Cool Lime Colada Cake". They are in the More Stoneware Sensations cookbook, which is no longer available. If someone has these recipes, will you PLEASE send them to me. Thank you so much.