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    SOLD- Stationary-business card paper, pen flags, door hangers and more

    I have some discontinued stationary products from Nancy's Artworks and Pampered Chef, asking $25 for the lot with Free Shipping. Included is: over 200 door prize slips blank door hangers (print all your info) 66 sheets- 2 hangers to a sheet checkered printer paper 16 sheets Perforated post...
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    Printable Fall Recipes

    In the past I have found flyers with the new recipes to send to hosts. I haven't had time to create one yet. I know some consultants do just one recipe a month but for those of you who don't how do you promote your recipes to the host if you are not doing a theme show?
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    Postcard Invitation Template???

    Here is one I have. I haven't had time to play with it and get it exact but it works. Hope this helps. Helen
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    S/S '07 recipes

    Does anyone have a flyer made up of the new S/S recipes? I have used flyers before of just the new recipes and if anyone has already created one or received one, could you share. I looked in the files section with no luck. Thanks in advance Helen
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    Greg I was wondering...

    what is WLPCtoo?
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    New Director Recognition/ Celebration

    We are celebrating a brand new director at our meeting this evening and would like some ideas. Any one have any thoughts as to what we could do. Her director is coming in town to present her with a directors chair and we are giving everyone a flower to present to her. I plan to do a pile on...
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    Pampered Chef Pool!! Try it . It will increase your sales

    When you all mention the PC lotto at your shows do you do it at the beginning or not mention it at all until you are ready to draw the number. This sounds really interesting. I just had a show last week where the hostess had over 15 people in attendance but they were all young girls, and...
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    Typed and ready to go

    Here is a file I have on that I give to my Rice Cooker Customers. I have never posted an attachment so I am giving it my best shot. :)
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    Fall Products and Sneak Preview

    When do you unveil the new products? At the end of your show? I usually do a open house and always have folks that place orders for the new products and then have to wait until September to submit the show.
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    Wedding Registry Thank You

    I recently received a registry from someone in Florida and I am in NC. I would like to send her a Thank You since I don't think I know her. Does anyone have a letter they have sent out. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for SA Black Triangles

    Not sure if I am posting this correctly, it is my first time. :confused: I am looking for a set of SA Black Triangles for a downline consultant. She has a customer who wanted a set and she neglected to order them in time. Thanks in advance. You can email me at [email protected]