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Wrong product

Molly Jo

Gold Member
Aug 23, 2005
:confused: I had a show with a co-worker about 3 months ago. She had a friend who couldn't make it to the show and placed an order without looking at the catalog. She said she wanted to the "stoneware lid". I talked to my co-worker and asked which one she wanted for sure. She said she was sure that she wanted the Rectangular lid/bowl. Well the customer called me last night and said that she wanted the lid that fits over several pieces. What she wants to do now is exchange what she has for the 9X13 rectangular baker. I told her no problem, she would just have to pay the difference. Is there any way that I can return the lid and receive credit? Has anyone had this happen before? Thanks


You will need to call HO and arrange the adjustment. If there is a refund,they will write out a check to the guest. The guest will need to pay for shipping to return the stone. If you have materials to give her (box, bubble wrap) you can do that. Also, I give my guests and hosts a label with the reference number on it. Don't forget the receipt with the reference number on it as well. Tell her to get a certificate of delivery so you know it got there okay.