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Pampered Chef: Bookings Would love to here some encouraging stories about KC starting

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am new here and will be signing on officially as a KC before month's end. I see numerous posts about new consultants being discourage for one reason or another. Despite all the encouraging post threads, maybe we need some inspirational stories??!

    I would love to read some stories from KC's sharing their success stories if right from the get go or shortly into their new found careers. PICK US UP!!!

    Aug 9, 2005
  2. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    When I decided to join I had to have the 6 shows booked before I sent in my agreement. Some of those that I was sure would book said "no" and it did discourage me but I decided to keep going on with my list. If I couldn't find those six by the day that I was to talk with the recruiter again, I just wouldn't do it.

    Well I DID!! From the start I asked everyone at my shows if they would book and most say "no" but enough say yes that I was able to get every Super Starter bonus they offered and get most of the incentives since then. I also make sure I always have something on me or with me that tells people that I am with TPC. That way THEY might start that conversation. Once someone books a show with me I make sure they understand the benefits and I try to make it as easy as possible for them to have a successful show.

    I think the reason that I am able to continue having $2500-$4000 in sales most (not all) months is that I make it about THEM and I am totally honest with them. I don't tell them I love something that I don't (I let other guests talk about those things or I say that I personally don't consider it a favorite product but others love it...) and I don't say I did something that I didn't - I know it would come back to bite me. :eek:

    If you have the passion and the desire and you work at it you can succeed at anything!
    Aug 10, 2005
  3. DebbieSM

    DebbieSM Member

    When I first started, it was also 6 shows. I would highly recommend for everyone to try to get those 6 shows. I asked and asked and I did get 6 people and all in my first month. I continuously kept getting bookings from those first 6 shows. My July and August was very good but then everyone started cancelling and rescheduling. Now I'm just trying to focus on September, I have a lot going on in August so I think it was for the best. And also in July I had broken my arm. So, I think everything worked out just fine with not having many shows those 2 months. I have 6 shows booked for September so far, one of which is a Mystery Host at my home. And I would like 4 more booked. I also may have a fundraiser at my daughters school, I spoke to the PTA President and she would like me to present at the next meeting which is this month. I am really excited about my fall schedule. Good luck with your new business. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or anyone else on this site. Everyone is very helful here.

    Good Luck,
    Debbie :D :D :D
    Aug 10, 2005
  4. acherry

    acherry Member Gold Member

    I Love Pc

    I have 2 great starting stories!!
    I first began selling Pampered Chef in college. I attended my 1st PC kitchen show in a one room apt and the Consultant had her own table and we had a blast...all of us squeezed into this little room (there were about 12 of us) and had one of the stone rings (I actually don't remember which ring, but it was GOOD). She asked if anyone was interested in doing this, and as a poor college student, I said yes! My mom let me borrow $105 (which was the cost of the kit), I had a fantastic director, as my recruiter fell out of the business (she kept getting pregnant and couldn't maintain)...I think she has like 5 kids now..). I had a FANTASTIC start...the college world was a great place for hosting shows, as we couldn't afford anything, but kept thinking we could, so my friends would buy small items that added up and my Director took me to one of her shows and I got the bookings from that and it helped "get out" of my ring of friends.. I had a great time, earned lots of products and payed for my books and some of my college tuition with what I earned.. I moved to Texas after I graduated (I had been in PC for 3 years then) and couldn't get it up and running. I was getting married, and I kinda let it flop. 4.5 years later...I attended my 2nd PC show...and thought geez, I can do this again, I know people, I love the products, plus..I've done it before!! So thus, almost 1 year ago today, I began my PC business again, and I am rocking and rolling...I've earned Free products when they are offered...I just earned this passed July my greatest paycheck since I re-started last year of $500!! (now I can get those shoes I wanted...hehe)
    And I can't wait to earn that Show-To-Go...I want the whole bit...so I'm doing a few fairs and offering FREE kitchen shows, and so far I've booked 5 and with 4 maybes....I'm so excited!! Also for October, I'm doing Murder Mystery parties, which has excited all my hostesses!!!
    So I am so happy with PC, my husband is happy with me doing PC, my full time job..I hope it will be history in abt a year or two when I take that step and do PC full time...I want to be a National Senior Executive Director (basically one of the top dogs!!!) hehe..some day....so I wish all consultants, almost consultants, and Directors, etc...the best of luck..and remember, YOU decide how FAR you want your business to go!!!

    "If you can dream it, it can happen...it only takes YOU to make it a reality"
    Aug 10, 2005
  5. acherry

    acherry Member Gold Member

    hehe...I have to make fun of myself...I mentioned I did PC in college...however I didn't study spelling..in case you notice my mistakes...hehe... Darn..no spell check on Chef Sucess!!
    Aug 10, 2005
  6. chefbilyeu

    chefbilyeu Member

    My story of success is coming in a different light...

    As some of you may have figured out from my "embarrassing moments" post, I'm not much of a cook. Before I started TPC, Hamburger Helper and Mac-N-Cheese were about the only two things on my menu of dinner ideas. Thank goodness there are about 10 different kinds of hamburger helper, and my idea of "spicing it up" a notch was adding tomato and basil to my MacNCheese...yeah, I think you get the hint.

    So when my recruiter/director asked me to host a show, I thought she was nuts. Number 1, I didn't know ANYONE in the town...I was a transplant to the area, and only knew my husband's friend's girlfriends at that point. So, I had 5 people show at my show. But by the end of the show, I made the decision that I could do what my recruiter was doing. I WANTED to do what my recruiter was doing, which involved cooking and talking in front of people. I needed to go back to school, I hated my customer service job, and I thought, "what the heck, it's only 6 shows". I was sold...

    My first few shows were far, far away. My first was by a co-worker/friend, and went just fine, although I thought I was going to pass out...

    The second was in PA, about 6 hours away, and my sister was my host. Everything went fine, but I thought I was going to pass out...

    The third was my grandmother in Ohio, about 5 hours away, and was a $700 show. I was super excited, but the whole time, I thought I was going to pass out...

    The fourth was my mother in law. This time, I nearly did pass out! I got light-headed, and had to take a break. Embarrassing story #2! But, I composed myself, drank some water, and kept going.

    The ball kept rolling from there. I love this business, and I love how it's changed me. Not only am I a MUCH better cook, and love the compliments from my husband, but I can now stand in front of people with confidence. I no longer want to "pass out"--instead I have fun, and I've overcome a fear I've had for a long time. Despite my embarrassing moments, my mishaps, and my mistakes, I've never had more fun. I'm thinking outside the box, talking to strangers, and enjoying everything around me.

    Raeanne Davis, I'm glad you asked...
    Aug 10, 2005
  7. What wonderful stories!

    Thank you ladies for sharing your stories! It really has been uplifting for me, and hopefully others. Keep the stories coming! :D
    Aug 10, 2005
  8. bkwrm

    bkwrm Novice Member

    My story....

    Hi. I started my PC career almost 1 year ago. I was invited to my sister's PC show. I had not been to a show in 9 plus years, so I was interested. Then the consultant was talking about all the free stuff that you could earn if you joined the team. At the time, it was all the new cranberry stone.....Well, I did not own any PC items and I admit I was a little intrigued. I really did not talk to the consultant that night but she noted my interest and left papers with my sister. I talked everything over with my husband, then I called the consultant. She guaranteed that if I did my 6 shows that I would make my 90 investment back or she would give it to me. So I thought this was a win win situation. Well, I got on the train and I am still riding fast and furious. Since I started, I have always turned in over 700 in sales monthly and last month July, I beat my all time sales by over 700. Everyone keeps asking when I am quiting but I tell them as long as I can party I will be partying. I love what I do and I love the products. I am not a seller, these products sell themselves, or the guests recommend and people respect their views. This is the best part time job in the world. I love it and wish that I could do this full time. My one wish/dream is to become a director. Anyone can do this it just takes a little effort and the desire to have fun.

    Kim Harrison
    [email protected]
    Aug 10, 2005
  9. D_Patel

    D_Patel Member

    here is my story ! :)

    A mom at my sons pre-school was doing a show she had brought the catalog to the school for us all to look at. I had never heard of PC ! I had also never had a home party of any sort before and had been to everyone elses partys. So i placed a order and told the mom , tell the consultant to call me i would like to book a show. So i did , i had my show it wasnt to good a little over $200.00 , the consultant asked if i was interested in learning more so i said sure why not , so she told me all about joining and left me all the info to look at. She followed up the next day with me and i signed !I am a stay at home mom of two kids so this worked perfect for me ! That was june of 2004. I was inactive for about two months and just picked it back up the middle of July , have had 3 shows since earned the woven piece my july charm, just submited another show tonite , have another show this weekend ! So i will earn mid season products as well:) I also just signed a recruit ! I am trying to really get this going !! I want it ! I love the products , i love earning FREE stuff !! That is my story ! :)
    Aug 10, 2005
  10. I love this stuff!

    I am new to PC also, I just finished my 1st super starter month. Besides my extra $413 I received last month (from just 3 shows) I received my recruiting sign on and all of my super starter product. I am so excited to be doing this. Ignore the negative-some people just don't have the enthusiasm or initiative to do this. Stick with it you'll love it!!! :)
  11. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    here's my story too

    I just joined Pc in may of this year. I had been to a Pc party about 2 yrs ago and wasnt to impressed with the consultant and thought no more of it. Then in Feb. of this year i was invited to another party and the consultant rocked!! she had us all laughing and having so much fun. me and my husband ordered like 30 dollars worth of stuff and i booked a show. i wasnt able to keep the date because we moved back here to mississippi. the first thing i did once we got everything unpacked was to go to the PC website and request a consultant. i knew i wanted to become a consultant myself. my show flopped. i had 2 people show up and ended paying full price for the kit which didnt matter. i am in SS 3 now and even though it has been rough so far i am not going to stop. we all have our rough patches in this business but that is any job.

    Just a word of encouragement. I am reading the new Joel Osteen book You BEst Life NOw and he gives some good tips. Get it set in your mind that you are going to have a successful business and successfull shows. If you think that you wont get them you wont. Every mornig wake up and say this is going to be a good day. I am going to book 2 shows today. God will make it happen. This is something i am applying to my life...hope it works for you as well. Good luck with your business!!!
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