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Where to Find Them1. Check in Your Local and Free Papers.2. Check

In summary, Pampered Chef has a variety of booths available at local and free fairs. The best way to find them is by asking your friends, churches, and other party planners. You can also contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Be friendly and proactive when working the fair, and try to get the person's name and telephone number.
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Where to Find Them
1. Check in your local and free papers.
2. Check with churches for holiday fairs.
3. Check with your crafter friends.
4. Call your local Chamber of Commerce.
5. Check with other party plan consultants and see if they know of any.
6. Check with friends who have kids at different schools.
7. Let everyone you know you are looking for fairs so they can let you know.
and keep your eyes and ears open.
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Pampered Chef Fair EtiquetteFAIR ETIQUETTE

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Dress comfortably but professional. Neat and tidy. Wear comfortable shoes- it's hard to have a smile on your face when your feet are killing you.No eating at the booth or chewing gum. Have breath mints handy. Keep the booth neat and tidy.

Be friendly but not overbearing. It's a fine line to show just the right warmth and enthusism. practice makes perfect. I do the State Fair every year. Always stand. I like to hold something- usually a handout. Make contact and smile. If they are close enough ask if they have heard of Pampered Chef.

Sitting in a corner waiting for them to come to you will get you nothing. When we say work the fair we mean it. Don't cross your arms- keep your body language open and welcoming.

When someone responds to your "hello" or stops to admire the products, your
first question should be "Are you familiar with the Pampered Chef?" If they are not, you can tell them : "Our Pampered Chef kitchen products are of the highest quality, and would they like to look around? Let them know they can order that day or get our products for free by hosting a kitchen show in their home.
Som consultants do a drawing to get leads. Always try to get their name and telephone number so you can follow up.
When someone responds to the "are you familiar with PC" question with a
"yes," ask them if they have a Pampered Chef consultant already. This can save a lot of time if they do. If the answer is no- invite them to look around. Again always try to get their information.
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Working a Fair Pampered Chef BoothWORKING THE CROWD

i like to wear red or a brighter color that won't clash with your display.Or a bright apron. If i don't wear an apron i always have a name badge.

Wherever you stand don't block the booth.

It's nice to wear a name badge- sometimes the fairs will furnish this. If bringing your own make sure it's big enough for people to see easily.

Wear a name badge on your right side. The eyes naturally focus there,
especially when you reach out to shake hands or give something to the person.

Only 1 out of 16 has interest in the product. How do you know they are
interested? WATCH THEIR EYES!!!! They first look to the sign, then to the "focal point" of the display, then to you (yes you are part of the display... they are checking you out too!) If eyes go down the aisle, let go. If eyes look behind you or back to the display.... BINGO!!

You must be proactive to get results! Never sit down or wait for someone to
say something to you first. Don't smother or pounce on them either! Be direct, warm, easy, friendly. Smile and have eye contact. Compliment and express thanks.

Ask open ended questions and or questions that can only be answered with a
"yes" response.

I've heard it's a good idea to put something in their hands and always ask questions they will answer YES to.

If someone litters or leaves something a mess in your booth. Clean it up. You want a neat beautiful booth.
nervous about the fair!I just today submitted my fair fee and am a little nervous about my booth. In my shows, I have a hard time with setting up my presentation so it looks nice, and then keeping it that way. I thought about requesting electricity for the fair, but I think I can be a less slobby Pampered Chef by not doing that. My main focus is bookings and recruiting at this fair. I love the above suggestions and am open to more if someone is interested in sharing! Thanks for any input you can provide! MO3 :)
I usually take my super starter kit, plus the simple additions stuff I have.

The big seller right now is the cranberry stoneware (even though its not out yet).

In order to show that off, I went to ebay and found someone from the US that was selling their old NIB product and bought the small oval baker.

Its perfect for those "But its only me so I dont cook much" people, and the colour BEGS to be talked about!

Take your pampered chef tablecloth, or a nice linen one (check the goodwill) and set up your crate the same way you do for a show.

Try putting rose petals in the simple additions hospitality set. Or a candle if you are inside.

Also, remember to dress conservatively, but not prudishly. Most women want to see what they -could- be if they had our products.

I hope that helps!
FairsThanks for that great info! I think I am aiming to get bookings and recruit leads. How do you do that sort of thing? As far as sales, is it ok to offer a small %age off so people are more attracted? since I have them, I'm going to start baking cookies soon and have been making tissue paper ornaments from the stoneware molds to sell, but am not sure how to price these! They are lovely, and of course I'd like to sell them for a lot, but maybe .50 for 2 cookies and $1 for each ornament? Let me know if anyone has any other advice for fairs. I'd love to hear how they work for you and what you do to attract people to your booth who normally wouldn't care to stop by! Thanks ahead of time for your help! :)
I do a draw for a small bar pan or something else..

Then, with all the survey slips (just the regular guest ones) I call each one and tell them they are eligible for a "free kitchen show" if they book a show in the next two weeks. Then, when that is full, book for the next week, and then the next. Fill up your calendar!

for a free show, basically I pay for all the food and beverages. I usually do the potato show when I do one of those! LOL
Great thanks!Great! Thank you for the ideas. I do give away a batter bowl and call only the names who said they were interested in more info. Calling everyone is a good idea. Although i emailed someone who checked off yes for a show and she wrote me and told me i had made a mistake and to take her off my mailing list! Opps, can't win them all! Thanks again, MO3
Fair IdeasTo get people to look at my booths, I usually have a doorprize. I use something like the small oval baker (not available at the moment) or the small bar pan. I try to use something newer so people can't use the excuse that they already have that product, although you may weed out the people who aren't really interested. The free show idea is great. While people are passing by my stand I am usually handing something out to get their attention on the booth. It can be recipe cards or a made up flyer with my contact info and a recipe on the back. I always take my super starter kit so they can see what comes in the kit. I also like to have whatever new products I have so that people can be hands on. I use regular doorprize slips although I have seen some people have their own made up. Whatever works for you. The main thing is to get people's info and have them answer the questions. Make a point of saying that you have to answer all the questions to be eligible for the doorprize. Also, ask for e-mail addresses for a recipe of the month club. Those interested will put that down and then you can stay in contact with them even if they aren't interested in having a show right now. If you get a lot of rejections about having a show right now due to time, ask them to collect 6 orders for a catalog show. It only takes 5 orders not including the host's or $150 in sales to have a show, but I always tell them 6 orders to have a cushion just in case they count their own order as one. Keep your set up simple so as not to be too busy. Have a focus on recruiting and a focus on bookings and leave it at that. I also carry my bookings binder to all my stands and have it available for everyone to page through. I use the recruiting binder from supply order and have recruiting info first and then booking info including all the theme show invitations I have made up. It is a nice visual of a lot of information all in one spot. Hope this helps!

Kimberly Runkle
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I'm going to my first fair on Thursday. The entrance price for having a booth is just to submit something that they can give away as a door prize. It was too late when I found out about it to actually order something. Does anyone have any ideas? What I was thinking of doing was to make up a gift certificate worth $10, and then say that the value increases to $15 if they will host a party. Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks! :)
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Sounds great! Just be sure and state on the certificate it is only redeemable thru you.
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I set up at a Corn Festival last year, and it was great! I had a door prize and I had a lot of requests if I was selling any Corn Nobs. I'm going to set up this year and will have several sets of Corn Nobs to sell. I had the kit displayed on one table and new items and a few larger items displayed on another table. I received several bookings and about $400 in orders, from people I didn't know, and they didn't know me. I hand delivered every ordered to make sure they received their orders and some have kept in contact with me. Hope to see them again this year. With my other job, I can't do fairs or anything that's more than a day or two. It was fun. Good luck to anyone who does fairs and festival's and bazzars! They help you get out of your family and friends circle.
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Increasing the gift certificate if they book is a great idea! I'll have to use that. I have been doing craft and trade shows for several years now. I average about 12-15 every year. Definitely create a booth they can walk into and check out. Depending on the occassion I also have something to taste test. Yo will want to make sure you are allowed wherever you are set up. I don't usually have cash and carry unless it's extra I have on hand somehow. I take orders, book shows and recruit. If you have time I suggest ordering Farmers MArket mixes and make some to set up to taste with pretzel sticks. Make sure they are well iced in the Simple Additions Large bowl. My usual give away is a certificate or a cookbook because they are easy to mail. A recipe sheet with tips and a shopping list is also good. I would stay away from purchasing Pampered Chef on E-bay unless it's a discontinued item. It is against company policy and those consultants can have their consultant status revoked. It creates an unfair advantage and I wouldn't want to encourage it.

If you see a fair or show in progress it's not too late to get on their mailing list for next year and larger shows can be done with other consultants to share on costs. I also do bridal expos and have had extremely good luck with them this year. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more detailed tips.
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Another tip or 2.....your set up...When you set up your booth/table try "grouping" like things together....

All the baking stuff together...ie/ the batter bowl and a scraper...and the whisk, measure all, measuring spoons and cup and a stoneware piece.

Place all the 'pzza' stuff together...pizza cutter, round stone,...

"Cutting" stuff goes together....cutting board, knives, veggie peeler, chopper.....

Also, if you have any boxes still from the products themselves you can use them to put the product on top of....just to add height, which adds interest to a display!!

Use a simple pattern, or better yet a solid color table cloth!

Keep it orderly......don't have the space too cluttered!!

Use your chopper...invite others to try it too!!!! (It's LOUD...and gets attention!!)

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I want to thank everyone for these great suggestions! Fairs can seem intimidating to us "newbies!" Please keep it coming!

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what is a bridal expo?Tamara, what is a bridal expo and what exactly do you do at one? Also is the business you all get at these fairs and shows worth it compared to the cost of renting a fair or craft show booth?
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A bridal expo is a fair directed totally at brides to be. Everything there is for the bride. They also have fashion shows of bridal gowns and brides maids dresses as well as tuxedos.

The cost depends. You should always FIRST ASK YOUR DIRECTOR about fairs BEFORE YOU SIGN UP! Directors get a monthly amount that they can use for fairs. My director has paid for all my events. I think they get $50 a month, but would have to look it up to be 100% positive.
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Working the FairsHi All

I recently joined Pampered Chef and have been thrilled!! I had my very first show at a womans conference for 450 woman YIKES!!!

What I did was bring my starter kit, brought ingredients for Salsa, very simply used my batter bowel, knife and chopper. The rest of the kit was displayed. I held a few raffles for SB books and the grand prize was for a FREE kitchen show, I supply the ingrediants. What that did was two things...

1: In order to try for the raffle, they needed to fill out the information card
2: I got another show from the FREE show I did, which in turn generated 2 more bookings.

I made a display board with the fund raisers, pampered bride , monthly specials gift certificates etc...

Just a thought thst worked out to be the best first show ever!!
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Home Based Businesses FairI was invited to participate in a Home Based Businesses Fair that was held in November. Overall, they had a great selection of businesses for people to see and the location was great. Unfortunately they didn't advertise the fair well and the attendance was poor. I had a less than stellar experience because of that, and also because they placed me next to a very over-zealous Tastefully Simple person who had a display literally 7 feet tall and a voice that would make any circus ringmaster green with envy. Guests would go to her, get to me next and look very disappointed.

Luckily, they're advertising a lot more than they did last year. (Apparently the Tastefully Simple lady was the only person who did okay.)

I also share a booth at our city's Street Faire twice a year, which is the largest Street Faire in the country. That has gone well and I've enjoyed adding new customers to my base.

In June I'll be sharing a booth with other ladies in the San Diego area at the County Fair. It's huge and runs from June 1st to July 4th. I'm a little nervous though, because one Saturday shift I'm working on my own. On the other hand, I love that everything is already set up and ready to go! No having to pack up my stuff!
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I tried to find out about a local bazaar with signs posted every year near me. No info, just the day with a sign pointing down the road. My director suggested I call the county Chamber of Commerce, so I did. They knew about it, but not who to contact, so they gave me the number of a market on the main street near the sign. I called, they said maybe this lady at such and such number would be able to tell me about a table. I called the lady who is working the fair, but who then suggested another lady who was in charge of the tables., and told me the number was in the phone book. Well, no name like that in the phone book.

Needless to say, I am "fair-ly" disappointed. Oh well.

Paula in TN
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one vendor event done, another soonI've done one vendor event that was a luncheon for women. That event went okay, but was not overwhelmingly successful. In the end, I received just enough orders to make the $150 requirement for the show (after I got some outside orders). I had a few people order the HWC products and am now having a lot of trouble contacting them for delivery. I'm glad that it was all prepaid.

My lessons learned consisted of the following:
- When promoting products like the HWC there's a need for cash & carry. Since they were low dollar items, I would have had more sales if I had some one hand.
- If you offer more than one gift certificate make it clear that they are to go to different people. I did two (because my donation had to be $20 of product) and the organizers gave them both the same person. Who then ordered a product worth $22.50.
- Don't give out a catalog unless you get their information. The standard survey slips work, but there's a better one under Increasing Sales, Vendor Tips from PamperedGinger.
- Have a flyer with a recipe on it because that's more likely to be kept than a regular flyer.
- If you expect a lot of people use the SS box or another PC box for the drawing slips. You can do hourly drawings too. At my upcoming event, I'm going to do an hourly drawing for a $5 gift certificate.

My upcoming event is going to be interesting because it's outside (I'm in Texas), there's a chance of rain, I'm doing it by myself, and I have to be there from 6am - 4pm. Wish me luck and for a strong bladder!

In the end, remember that fairs are all about getting your name out there. If you get sales off the event, that's great, but should not be the focus because the time it takes for you to write up the sale is time lost from talking to people.
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Fairs + Markham, Ontario, Canada?Is there anyone from Markham, Ontario, or around Markham who would be interested in sharing a booth at The Markham Fair? It's not until the fall, until after back to school, so there's lots of time to prep for it. Not sure when you have to have all the info in by.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll find out more information about it!
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sample fair flyerDoes anyone have a flyer that they used in the past at a fair? I'm working on designing one, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if one of you has a sample already.

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Fair FlyerHi Julie,

I don't have a flyer, but would LOVE yours if/when you make it up!


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Need ideas.....Hi all! Great group! This is my first post, and I have a feeling some of you can help.

My director and I got a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza here in Austin, and it happened very quickly. This is our first time at this large of an event (only small ones before), but we are feeling pretty confident about our priorities, and think this is a great opportunity. Although we're confident about how to handle the booth, in general, (i.e. bookings and recuiting leads are our first priority) we have a bit of a problem in that the event organizers do not allow individual booths to give away any sort of prizes at the booths. We are each giving one $50 gift certificate as door prizes to be given away by the organizers, but our dilemma is that we would like to have people fill out the contact information forms (a.k.a. door prize slips) so that we can do follow-ups, but we can't think of a reason other than "If you would like more info" or "Fill this out for a FREE kitchen show".

Ideas anyone? Thanks!!!!
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there's a ton already postedTake a few minutes and look through the PC Files link at the top of the forum. You'll find everything you need and more, it's all been posted in the last week because there's a lot of fairs going on. You can also do a Search and type in fairs or vendor to get results too.

That should help without member re-posting what's already here.
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Perhaps together you can develop a special "bridal newsletter" (recipes for two, tips for the new household?), and by signing up they will be able to get on the mailing list for the newsletter.

Paula in TN
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Do you have to do the prize drawing at the booth? Can you tell costumers you will do a drawing after the fair is over for a prize so you need their info. Then do the drawing at home. Are you allowed to do that?

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1. Where can I find Pampered Chef products?

You can find Pampered Chef products in several places:

  • Through a Pampered Chef consultant: You can host a party or place an order with a consultant to purchase products.
  • Online: You can shop directly on our website or through a consultant's personal website.
  • Retail stores: Some Pampered Chef products are available at select retail stores.

2. How do I find a Pampered Chef consultant near me?

You can easily find a Pampered Chef consultant near you by visiting our website and using the "Find a Consultant" feature. Simply enter your zip code or city and state, and you will be provided with a list of nearby consultants.

3. Can I purchase Pampered Chef products without attending a party?

Yes, you can purchase Pampered Chef products without attending a party. You can either place an order directly through a consultant or through our website.

4. Are Pampered Chef products available internationally?

Yes, Pampered Chef products are available in several countries around the world. You can visit our website and select your country from the dropdown menu to see if we offer products in your area.

5. Can I purchase Pampered Chef products in bulk for a special event or gift?

Yes, you can purchase Pampered Chef products in bulk for special events or gifts. You can contact a consultant or our customer service team for assistance with larger orders.

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