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150 places to prospect - help me get to 200!!


Oct 21, 2008
I've read through a few lists of places to try to get more bookings and I've been combining them to make a very comprehensive list of places to try! So here's the list I've put together out of the various lists I've found. Let me know if you can think of more, or if you find duplicates.

1. Carry your Catalog Tote and let them come to you!
2. Doctor's Office
3. OB/Gyn Office
4. Pediatrician’s Office
5. Chiropractor’s Office
6. Dental Office
7. Mechanics Waiting Room
8. Laundry Mats
9. College Campus bulletin boards
10. College student newspaper
11. Dorm & student housing
12. Student center
13. Student job fair
14. Back of Bathroom Stall Doors
15. Library
16. Hair Salons
17. Barber shops
18. Boutiques
19. Tax Preparation Offices
20. Insurance Office
21. Dry Cleaners
22. Ice cream Shops
23. Pizza places
24. Bagel, Donut, or Coffee Shops
25. Deli's
26. Veterinarians
27. Nail Salons
28. Day Care Centers
29. Retirement Homes (not assisted living communities)
30. Model New Home Centers
31. Real Estate Agent Offices
32. Corner Stores
33. With Your Tip at Restaurants
34. With Toll Booth Collectors
35. Grocery Store Clerks
36. Video Stores
37. Dressing Rooms
38. Bank Tellers
39. Shoe Stores
40. Kids Resale Shops
41. Gymboree Centers
42. Temporary Staff Offices
43. Kid’s specialty stores
44. Moms Clubs like MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers)
45. Pet Stores
46. Fire station
47. Police station
48. Music classes
49. Pumpkin Patch in October
50. Christmas Tree Farm in December
51. Children’s Museum
52. Singles Groups
53. Dance Studios
54. Mortgage Offices
55. Computer Stores
56. School Administration Offices
57. Tailgate parties
58. Community Theaters
59. Alumni clubs
60. Fabric Stores
61. The Bakery
62. Print Shops
63. Bars/Clubs
64. Holiday Bazaars or fairs
65. Local trade shows
66. Job fairs
67. Book Clubs
68. Penny Savers ad
69. Community events (Breakfast with Santa, etc.)
70. Cashiers at Dealerships
71. Tanning Salons
72. Vitamin Stores
73. Sales People At Any Store
74. Senior Activity Centers
75. Walk In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms
76. Credit Unions
77. Supply Stores
78. Park Benches (leave catalog)
79. Bus Stops (leave catalog or ask about flyer)
80. Pharmacies
81. Bowling Alleys
82. Gyms
83. YMCA
84. Animal shelters
85. Clerks At The Post Office
86. Gas Station Attendants
87. Movie Theater Lobbies (leave catalog)
88. Print shops
89. Furniture Stores
90. Place Where You Pay Your Bills
91. Cable Offices
92. Water and Gas Utilities
93. Any Place Where There Is A Woman Receptionist Or Secretaries
94. Telephone Answering Service
95. Apartment Leasing Offices
96. Girl/Boy Scout Meetings (offer a Cooking with Kids party)
97. Home Owner Assoc. Meetings
98. Girls Night Out Parties
99. Convenience Gas Stations at Check Out
100. Chamber of Commerce
101. Garden or Flower Shops
102. Home Party Plan Swap Parties
103. Video Rental Stores
104. Paintball Centers
105. Bingo Halls
106. Places like Chuck E. Cheese
107. Tanning Salons
108. Give one to the bank teller
109. Welcome Wagon/Neighborhood Welcoming Committee
110. Hotel rooms for the maid (mini catalog and thank you flyer)
111. Massage Parlors
112. Mobile Home Parks
113. Bridal supply stores
114. Bridal gown stores
115. Caterers
116. Tux rental centers
117. Wedding DJ’s
118. Florists
119. Bridal fairs
120. Rotary/Toastmaster Clubs
121. Bookstore bulletin boards
122. Weight Watchers meetings
123. DMV
124. Baby stores like Babies R Us
125. Toy stores
126. Small local papers
127. City guide
128. Church women’s groups
129. Church bulletins
130. Church fairs
131. Community Playhouse programs
132. School drama department programs
133. Athletics programs
134. Sporting events
135. Local high school yearbooks
136. PTA meetings
137. Teachers lounges
138. Community center (offer a class!)
139. County fair (booth)
140. State fair (booth)
141. Flea markets (booth)
142. Farmer’s Markets (booth)
143. Car wash
144. Taxi companies (ask if you can put your catalog in the backseat pocket)
145. Professional moving companies (ask to be put in their “new move” packet)
146. Apartment Guides
147. Summer Music in the Park
148. Candy packs with business card for Halloween
149. Offer fundraiser opportunities to people holding car washes, bake sales, etc.
150. Canvas your neighborhood
151. Call former guests and hosts

152. Race Track
153. Unemployment Office (also WIC office)
154. Networking breakfasts for entrepeneurs
155. Ask for referrals!
156. Preschools (fundraisers)
157. Wear logo wear
158. Yard Sales
159. Send a card with local bills
160. Bowling alleys
161. Miniature golf courses
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Feb 16, 2007
Wow! That's some list!!! So, is your goal to hit so many of these a day?? ;)

Oh, I have one (don't think it's on there) - the racetrack (we have race horses! :))

And what about the unemployment office?? ;)


Mar 20, 2006
My auto insurance called me about something and caught Pampered Chef on my voice mail and asked me about it...She might host in December :)

Chef Bobby

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Feb 1, 2007
I like this kind of list because I make most of my contacts in person when I can.
Add Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.


Oct 21, 2008
I've got insurance offices and Boy/Girl Scouts. I'll add Referrals now! :) Keep up the great ideas!


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Mar 8, 2008
ok, kind of similar to what you already have (your list was so thorough!)
wear a Help Whip Cancer pin on yourself or purse all year round (small, but people do notice)
I go to a lot of yard sales with my Dad and try to remember to wear PC logo wear to them, also, if you have you're own yard sale make sure to wear pc or have old catty's out.
I know it's been mentioned on the site before but didn't see it on your list, include a biz card with any local (or for that matter non local if you have a website) bills you mail.