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Pampered Chef: What's For Dinner...Monday, Nov.9

  1. Good Morning, Everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend.....I did! I just want to thank God for giving me this beautiful birthday present of a warm and sunny day today!!! I Love You!!!:love:

    For dinner tonite I think we are going out to eat for my birthday...I might want to bbq with this warm weather we are having and I have never bbq'ed on my birthday!!:blushing:

    I also want to give a big shout out to Chef Moseley...I made the applesauce yesterday and wow!!!:sing: It was great!! I found another use for the mix 'n chop when the applesauce was done brewing/cooking there was still a few soft chunks that i mashed down...I also used PC cinnamon...yum!!!
  2. pampchefsarah

    pampchefsarah Senior Member Gold Member

    Happy birthday! Enjoy the beautiful day and the applesauce.
  3. munkee41182

    munkee41182 Member

    Tonight it's left over stuffed shells. We have our cluster meeting today and I can't eat recipe we're making tonight (I'm gluten free). I made them last night without a recipe and I must say, they were pretty tasty!

    Happy Birthday to yoU!
    Nov 9, 2009
  4. chefheidi2003

    chefheidi2003 Senior Member Gold Member

    Homemade Strombolis for us..they are in the oven right now. Perfect football night food.
  5. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    Happy Birthday Barbara!

    Today, we had tacos. DS has been watching too much TV, and he decided that we really needed to try hard shells for tacos tonight. It was fun and exciting until he took the first bite, and his taco broke in two. He was not happy with that. "Mom, the shells taste good, but I think I want soft tortillas from now on." :D We had to try them though, or he would have never stopped bugging me!
    Nov 9, 2009
  6. pc_jessica

    pc_jessica Advanced Member

    Dh got home early so we spent the night doing some shopping and then just hit up KFC...i feel soooo bloated from their food now...ick!
    Nov 9, 2009
  7. ChefPaulaB

    ChefPaulaB Veteran Member

    When we make hard tacos I usually put the meat and cheese in the shell and put them in the oven for a few minutes and that helps with the breaking shells (although it's probably because all of the grease from the meat and cheese saturates the shell, but it's still good and the cheese melts, nummy!)
    Nov 10, 2009
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