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What do you say to open/close your show?

Mar 8, 2005
I have heard some very catchy opening and closing "speils" but that was a while ago and I have totally lost them from my memory. I'm wondering what you say (your 5-10 minute intro of yourself, the company and what you will be doing at the show), and how you close your show. Do you have something catchy, snappy, cool? I'd love to see it here! :)


Mar 27, 2005

Opening depends upon how well I know the guests and how much I have spoken to them as they come in, but closing tends to go the same.

"By now I bet you can all fit yourselves into one or more of these 4 categories:
Those who like to spend - I can help you to place an order for the products on your wish list, and as gifts for friends (tell them about payments options)
Those who like to give - (tell them about fund raising shows, and if I am doing a local fund raiser I would advertise that then too) ask if anyone is involved in their church or school fund raising committee.
Those who like to save - you can host your own kitchen show and take advantage of our fabulous host benefits package of free and discounted products
Those who like to earn - you can meet me for a coffee to discuss our business opportunity. I'm the best boss I ever had!
Hope this is useful - Yvonne