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St. Patricks Day Open House?

Feb 23, 2006
Has anyone tried having a holiday themed Open House? I want to try a St. Patricks Day Open House but I'm afraid that people will be having their own get togethers and nobody will come. I'm having a really tough time expanding my customer base and the last 2 Open Houses that I've tried in different locations have been flops.

Do you find that themed Open Houses work better or worse? Any help is appreciated. Also, what kind of advertising do you use when friends and family aren't available?


Past Host Sneak Peek Open House

I can't offer any insight in regards to the themed Open Houses.

But, I have had a couple "Sneak Peek" Open Houses. My best success comes when I invite Past Hosts. I also find the most success when I invite about 40-50 people (just like we ask our hosts to do for shows). That way I can actually make phone calls and follow-up to get RSVPs (again, just like we ask our hosts to do). I do open houses at the beginning of or just prior to the beginning of each new season. I find that my past hosts are already excited about our products and are always looking to see what else PC will come out with! At my last "Sneak Peek" Open House for past hosts only, I got 4 re-bookings!

I don't do a demo because they have seen it all before. I just have a sample of the new products out and I just walk them through the catalog pointing out our new stuff. I also serve something delicious that I wouldn't normally have at a show just so they can try something different. It is a fun time to reconnect with some of the friends I have made through the business!

Hope that helps!


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Jan 9, 2006
themed vs open

I replied to this earlier on another theme .. commit people to a time, place and event. If they know when they are coming and leaving they are better committed. People have good intentions and then life gets in their way. They may not all show up on time but if YOU do, you will be respected at a later date, otherwise they will all show up late next time. Most important what you reflect, you get. This is your business
Feb 23, 2006
Thank you for your help. I've decided to actually go door to door next weekend and talk to my neighbors. Tell them who I am and what I'm doing. I'll also try to get them to agree (casually) to come to my party. I think I'm going to do it as a "kitchen show" instead of the Open House. Specific time, date and place.

I'll let you know how it goes.



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Nov 4, 2005
leasetraining said:
Past Host Sneak Peek Open House
You're the perfect illustration of the point I was going to make...your customers need to be educated about open houses. If you just hold an open house on a whim, you will have guests but likely won't have overwhelming success.

If your customer base is educated that you have an open house at certain times, like holidays or leasetraining's sneek peek open house, you will have greater success.

My best host holds a show every year in the Jan-Feb time frame - her friends have some to expect it and it is always well attended and successful. Another consultant friend has a holiday open house - her clients actually mark their calendars to attend it.

There are no magic beans. Successful businesses do not appear overnight and take gentle nurturing, weeding, and gentle care to grow big and strong.