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Shipping orders to comsultant and not host?


Novice Member
Jun 13, 2005
I have heard many people mention that they have some or all of their orders shipped to themselves and not the hosts. I have a couple questions about that. 1. How do you get pampered partner to do that without changing the host's address information (is their a way)? If I change the information than the hosts receipt lists my address as their own. 2. Do you have the hosts come and pick up the orders or do you deliver them? Any other tips on doing this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to offer this service to my hosts that want it, not to make it mandatory (at least not yet). Thanks in advance for any help. :)


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May 6, 2005
HOwever you want to get the orders to the host is up to you. If you feel like dropping everything off, then you can. Since you're kind of doing them the favor of dividing everything out, encourage them to pick it up from you.

As far as the address goes, on the "host info" screen, you would list the host's name on the first line, then c/o "your name" on the next line, followed by all your address info on the remaining line. This also tells the home office that you weren't the host. Hope this helps!


Apr 20, 2005
To answer your question about the host address info, print her receipt with her address, then change it for HO so that it will ship to you. Just remember to change it back after you submit the show so that your contact info will be correct.


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Jan 21, 2005
If you are careful to not open the host information screen from the show after you have changed the shipping address on the host ORDER screen it will not change in their info screen.

You can go to contact information and enter whatever you want and it will not change the ship-to information on the party.

I have lost host information in the past because of this problem so I put the contact information in the "notes" area of her contact screen just in case - on the parties that are shipped to me.