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Setting up a catalog show in an office

May 3, 2005
I don't post often but have been lurking lately. I've gone to the orthodontist for 2 years now. I'm apporaching the end of my braces! yea, however this also means less exposue to the office faculty. I'm dropped gifts at Christmas time and catalogs and talked up Pampered Chef, my downfall is not asking. So I'm going in tomorrow and was thinking of setting up an online catalog show and giving them a catalog show packet and telling them if they would like to show a catalog in their office(s) I would split the host benefits between all those that purchased or worked in the office. Has anyone tried anything like this before? Any ideas or suggestions? I'm not sure that I would be better off trying to get one person to host, I have one lady in mind or starting it off by the whole office, then I could get contact infor and possibly get more bookings. Let me know your thoughts!
Thanks Wendy


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I think that's a great idea! What you can do is have a "mystery host" catalog show. For everyone who places an order, they get entered in a drawing to be the "host" and receive all the host benefits. You can even step it up a notch by saying whoever brings in an additional two orders from friends outside of the office where they work will get two entries or something like that. It's a great way to motivate them to collect a few more orders and make it a higher show total. It's SO easy because it can all be done online. They can send out email invitations to others to participate in the catalog show, too.

That was just one idea! Maybe there are more out there.


Jun 6, 2005
I think it would be harder to keep it together if you didn't have one central person to contact. And if you have that person, since they are doing the work, shouldn't they get the benefits? You could always say for every order you give them a seasons best and take that from the benefits. And when they see what the one person is getting for free they would be more inclined to book a show. If you give them all the benefits they may not consider it as much since they already got some of the benefits. Just my thoughts.. :)


Apr 20, 2005
Hi Wendy.

I approached the secretary at my doctors office, I told her that I have my own businss and would appreciate her support, I explained that all I would need her to do is just pass the catalogues around and collect the orders if anyone is interested. I told her that in exchange she would get some free and some half priced items, and I would explain it all when I dropped off the catalogues.

What I have found also seems to work lately, is I tell them " I had a show last week, the host got $145 of free stuff and she only had 7 orders." they always seem impressed by this and get excited.

I also have been asking to leave catalogues at all the offices I've been to and I got an order yesterday from someone who picked up one of my catalogues.

Hope this helps