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Red Hatters theme Please HELP!!! :)

Oct 9, 2005
I have a Craft Fair coming up for a huge group of Red Hat Ladies. There will be a couple hundred ladies at the fair. I was hoping to boost my bookings at this affair. Any Red Hatter Themed show ideas. I am at a lost aside from baking a hat out of the classic batter bowl......anyone ever done one of these shows? Anyone with any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and....
Happy Cooking.


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Jan 19, 2006
If you own any simple additions pieces and stands, bring those. This group likes to entertain so I'd go with that theme. If you don't own the stands, borrow them.

Purple and red will look great with the sliver and white. . . the striped pieces may work depending on the shades of red/purple you use.

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