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Good themes for young 20-somethings?


Novice Member
Sep 14, 2005
One of the interns in my office wants to have a Kitchen Show. She has 4 roommates (2 of whom are engaged!) and they all enjoy cooking. They have made their wish lists and a huge list of invitees. Yesterday, she asked if it was "okay" if they had 2 parties because one of her roommates felt she had enough invitees to do a seperate party and since their apartment was small they felt two smaller parties might be better. I told her that was fine, one could book off the other. I had mentioned a Desperate Housewives theme for hers and she loved it! Now I'm trying to come up with a second cool theme. Any ideas? These girls are not drinkers and are very involved in various church groups so I'm not sure they would endorse "Happy Hour" or something like that even if it was non-alcoholic. Any ideas would be appreciated!! These girls are so driven to get free products I think they will sell a lot of stuff.


Dec 19, 2005
You could always do a Mexican Fiesta, have a small pinata, and she can serve virgin margaritas. The Margarita punch is pretty tasty, and I think that it would still be good without the Tequila in it.

Or the Survivor theme, or the Amazing Race them. Take a browse through the search function under the theme threads, and you should be able to come up with something else, but since they are two seperate shows, with two seperate guest lists, you could still do a DH theme for the second show.




Mar 10, 2005
A lot of people in this age group are so busy these days that they don't get to cook as often as they would like. You could focus on quick meal ideas, or make and freeze ideas that they could reheat later. Maybe even a Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals theme.