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Pampered Chef: Recipes on the Use and Care - Fall 2009

  1. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    Here are the names of the recipes included on Use and Care cards for the Fall 2009 products.

    (Is it just me, or are there a lot that don't come with a recipe? I remember being able to tell customers that the only tools that didn't come with one, other than those that came with the use and care on the plastic wrapper, were the TTA and the Super Swat.)

    2 Cup Prep Bowls - none
    4.5" Serrated Knife - Crostini Caprese
    5" Strainer - none
    Adjustable Measuring Spoons - none
    Beaded Cake/Pie Server - Coconut Cake
    Beaded Cheese Knife - none
    Beaded Cheese Plane - none
    Cookie Press - Classic Spritz Cookies
    Cookie Sheet - Candied Cookies

    Digital Pocket Thermometer - none
    Dots Martini Glasses - Mango Mousse
    Easy Conversion Magnet - none
    Ice Bucket - none
    Measuring Cup Set - none
    Professional Shears - none
    Shaker - Pink Martinis
    Snowmen Appetizer Plates - Shrimp Wonton Cups
    Snowmen Rectangle Platter - Petite Chocolate - Cherry Cheesecakes

    Stainless Mesh Colanders - none
    Aug 6, 2009
  2. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    I'm surprised the prep bowls didn't at least have a recipe. The other products- I wouldn't really expect much- given what they are.

    But as long as they have suggested USES on them for folks...but then again- no one ever reads those things but us, right? ;)
    Aug 6, 2009
  3. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    even the citrus peeler used to come with a recipe, but not anymore!
    Aug 6, 2009
  4. cookin to the top

    cookin to the top Member Gold Member

    When will we have access to these recipes?
  5. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    Online, probably once the new season starts. Hard copy, as soon as you get your samples.
    Aug 6, 2009
  6. cathyskitchen

    cathyskitchen Senior Member Gold Member

    I can't wait to try the pink martinis in my new martini glasses! :)
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