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Realtor closing gifts?

Mar 30, 2006
I have seen some of the flyers here on realtor closing gifts and I was wondering how well these sell. If anyone has any experience with this I would love some more info on it. I'm not so sure how to go about getting started doing this. Any input would be great.



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Oct 7, 2005
I haven't gotten any slam-dunk success with this just yet.. but I've been emailing local realtors with a short letter/list of closing gift ideas that was a mixture of borrowing from here/making up on my own. I'm going to give it a few days and then follow up probably the beginning of next week (realtors can tend to get quite busy). I'm praying that I'll get a lot of the realtors that are interested and want to buy bulk as a one-time thing or a repeat customer (with every new client). I'm going to gather together some products from my starter kit into some pretty gift sets and take some with me to those that are interested in more information about the idea. And some yummy snacks of course (oatmeal cookies or something easy), with a business card or two and some catalogs/order forms (they might just want to have a show!). I have very high hopes for this.. there are THOUSANDS of realtors in this area.. from one real estate company, there were over 300 agents on their directory alone.. And they say that 1 out of every 10 will bite.. so that means out of 300, I should get 30 or more nibbles.. And that's successful for me right now! There are tons of threads on this.. just search for "realtor" and you'll find them!



Glad to see you've got your enthusiasm back! I hope you have lot's of success approaching realtors. It's time for some good things to come your way.

God Bless!



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Jun 22, 2005
I just got an email today that a real estate agent wanted to order a gift certificate for $25...it isn't much... but i think things will start rolling gradually once they start closing on houses. I did two presentations, about 3 weeks ago to two different real estate agencies... so I'm sure they won't order right away, they will wait for closings.

Good luck to everyone with it! I hope I start getting more soon!! JUNE JUNE JUNE!!


Mar 10, 2005
What kind of presentations did you do? Did you go to their offices and actually do a demo, or did you just drop off some info.?


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Jun 22, 2005
At first I went to the office, told them that I was a PC consultant, and I knew that many realtors gave gifts to their clients, and wanted to offer them a unique option of PC... I gave the lady at the desk a catalog and a few of my business cards...
The first place I went to put me down on the calendar... That motivated me to keep going!! I went to about 4 that one day.

The day of the presentation, I took a little food, and an example of a gift basket, several catalogs, and a flyer I made up with some ideas of gift packages they could get. I also put on the flyer that we have gift certificates.
I told them how great the cookware is and how pretty much anyone with a new house, therefore new kitchen would like a nice new pan, etc...
I mentioned that the kitchen is the heart of the home... when they have family and friends over everyone gathers in the kitchen.
If they gave our products, they would use it often, and think of them(the realtor) each time. THat is what they want... they want their clients to remember them, so when they relocate or if they have a family member, etc move into town or move out of town, they will recommend them!!

Don't take a lot of products to show them... maybe a piece of cookware.

I also gave them all one medium size twixit clip, a catalog, my flyer and business card.
And I took their business card before I left!
And call back in a week or so! Or send them a thank you card, or stop in with a sample of PC coffee....

wine and dine them... they understand you want their business!!
they are in the same type field as we are!
good luck!
Oct 17, 2005
Realtor Closing gifts

Hello everyone, I just joined Chefsuccess. I have been enjoying it every since I became a consultant in Oct. 2005. I have recently made it into a realtor office. And wow what a major step that was. Two of the top sellers of this company came to a show I did. They bought for themselves as well as bought 8 Celebrate plates. They plan to have the names of the clients put on the plates with the date of closing. They also scheduled a time for me to come in and talk with them about gift baskets and gift certificates. I did and left that day with a $150 order for just one closing. Two days later they called me again and wanted 3 $25 gift certificates. A week later I had another order for almost $300 for 2 closings. Instead of wanting gift certificates from the PC office, they wanted gift certificates that came from me so that the client would have to come back to me for the products. So far 1 client has called to place an order and was really thrilled that she got the certificate. She is a potential host now. Not only am I ordering these items for the realtors, but I am also putting them together as a gift basket. They have loved them. Of course you have to remember that you won't have closings every week or every month for that matter. But leave a good taste in their mouth the months they don't have any closings...take them some food to the office to share with the other realtors. You may just get some more business in that office. This is exactly what I needed to help jump start my business. Now I am getting my name with catalog out to a wider array of people. Hope this inspires you to knock on their doors, because my realtors are also using me to get thank you gifts for people who refer people to them as well.


Mar 16, 2006
Ok, so getting this right. I should go into an office with some catalogs and talk to the person at the front desk about closing gift ideas right? Should I bring food the first time? Do I try to book a date to come back with food and some products to show? Do I call first to see if it's ok to "solicit?" I'm so confused!:eek:


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Feb 17, 2006
I sent letters out and followed up via phone (no way am I taking my 2 y/o's in a realty office!) and most of the realty offices have weekly or monthly meetings at which they sometimes have vendors there to speak with the realtors. I would call and ask to see if you can get in on one of those meetings, or you could stop by.