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Questions & Stories About Starting a Website

In summary, having your own web-site is definitely worth the money and can be easy or hard depending on your skills as a computer user.
I'm somewhat leary of getting my own web-site. I'd like to hear some of your stories about how well/or not so well, having your own web-site is? Is it worth your time & hard-earned money? :confused:
Definitely worth the money!I love having my hosts/guests have access to the website. In this day and age, people pay their bills online, shop online and do research online. Why not let them have access to shop on your website for you to get the credit on? I have had my website for 6 months (as soon as I signed my agreement and got my consultant #, I signed up for the website) and have had about $900 in orders placed on there alone. I well made my money on it and it's great b/c when someone places an order from out of state, it does the appropriate tax calculations for me so when I put it into PP, I just look at their order, and know what tax percentage to put in. It's definitely a great tool to have in the business!
It's also VERY EASY! PC has everything you need to put words and phrases in, to every pic you need to make it look nice!

Good Luck! :)
I love my website!I couldn't agree more!! People go online for more and more these days! I wasn't too sure about a website at first either, but when I did decide to get it I don't know how I got by without it! My host are able to invite ANYONE to her show and order online. I am able to give out my website to potential hosts as they see they excitment I put out, they want to participate! It is VERY easy to manage and really helps give your business a professional look. I say go for it! It's a tax write off too!! :D :D
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thanksThank you for the feedback! My husband & I are very computer savvy, but I've been more worried about the actual activity of the web-site (sales).

I'm still trying to get a lot of my customers to e-mail me! I hate talking on the phone. I have 4 children under 6, I don't have time for the phone!

I've really been leaning towards getting a web-site. I guess I just needed some re-inforcement. Tell me more about writing it off on my taxes.(the web-site). I've written other things off, like supplies, computer printer, ink, my computer, mileage, mailings, etc.

Any one else who'd like to share their web-site success, please do!
I had been with Pc for 1 year beforeI got my web site. I really wish I would have done it a year ago !!Within 3 days of having it it paid for itself ! I sent out a email telling everyone on my contacts i had finally broke down and got one, and for them to check it out ! Well they did and they ordered to ! :) I also had a show i was getting ready to do , she emailed people who lived in other states who were obvoisly not going to be comming to the show. She got two orders she would have never got one of them was over $70.00 !!
I also tell guest at my shows about it and give them all a recipe card with my site on it. Sometimes they just want to place a order but do not want to call , because they feel, they may get pressured to hold a show, so they do not call , now they can just log on and shop away !
I say GO FOR IT !! :)
The website is a great ideaGo ahead, get the website. I just joined PC in August and one of the first things I did was sign up for the website. I've had two online shows so far and two people at those shows were from a different province. My hosts love it - the emailing for kitchen show invitations is really easy for the hosts! what a great idea. My friend sells Weekenders Clothing and would love them to come up with a website for that. Thank goodness Pampered Chef came up with it!
:D I started PC in March -- my first show was a Catalog show.. The host had all but 2 of her 9 orders placed though my website within a 4 day period... It more than paid for itself in that first show! It's great for hosts that have friends/relatives out of state because then they can still help her earn FREE products. I just had another show on Friday night, and the host has since referred 3 people who couldn't attend to the website and they all ordered!

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Thanks everybody!Thank you all for your encouragement! Like I've mentioned before, I've been with PC for almost 5 years and it just keeps getting BETTER & BETTER!

I'm really thinking about signing up for one as soon as my hubby or I get paid. I have an upcoming show in October and the host is originally from England. I may have to offer her the on-line e-vites to see if we can get some orders from the UK! Her mother-in-law is here now, visiting for a month!


Questions about WebsiteHi, I was interested in finding out how much the website runs, and if there is a fee to keep it up? Thank you :)
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It's about $6-$7 a month and you can choose a 6 month or 12 month subscription. It's the best deal if you do a year. And it'll likely pay for itself after you've had a few hosts use it for their shows! It's very easy to maintain and update, so I highly recommend it!
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Disappointed with my websiteI don't know. I've had my website for a couple of months and I've never had an order on it. I have four shows going on this month, and nobody (not even my hosts) seem to be using it for much. I do make sure I talk about it (to hosts, customers, on my newsletter) but so far I'm wondering if I made a mistake?

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RE: WebsiteI got my website shortly after I signed up as well and have not had anything go on there! I love the look of it and all the features but none of my hosts have used it and I haven't received any orders on it either. I talk about it all the time and still nothing! I'm hoping it picks up or I won't renew after the 6 months!
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Got mine in JulyNoone has used mine either. I really stress my website to all my hosts, I even mention at my shows. Noone has used. Someone had suggested a scavenger hunt on their website on another post. I think I may try that.
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Glad I'm not alone!Okay, I must say (with some guilt) that I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one not getting much return for the website :eek: I'm not sure if it's circumstances or if I'm really missing something. If there is more I could be doing to get people on the site, I would be willing to try!! :confused:

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I have not had as much activity at my website as I would like but I do get a few orders each month (on scheduled shows - no individual orders) and a few inquiries. I have been told that I am on several of my contacts' "favorites" list even though they have never actually contacted me through the web site. They say they have showed friends the site and the products on the site. I also know that others have the site marked because they have contacted me through the website because they didn't know my email address (if they have the website they had the email address because that's how they got the web address :rolleyes: ).

So have faith! You may have more activity going on there then you know!
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I agree that its worth it. Id highly encourage people to use the invites from the site as well. If someone cant go it brings up a pop up and asks if they want to take a look at the site and order. I've only had one show so far and already gotten an order from the site through the show.

Another thing is too, it is easier than having your host have to hunt down those who couldnt make it and give them catalogs and then collect orders.

Good luck!
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I haven't had much use of my website yet either; however, I'm sure it will pick up soon, especially with the holidays coming up. I just love the fact that I have to do just about nothing to get it set up so it's not hard to display necessary items on it....better that having to bulid a website somewhere else
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Ideas for promoting online sales?Anyone have good ideas for promoting online sales through a personal web site?
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I always send outa email to all my contacts telling them what the guest special for the month is , also that they do not have to attend a show to receive the discount or whatever the special may be. Also after I do a show , I let everyone know I say it a few times that the recipe i made is available on my web site for the next 2 or 3 days. I always give everyone something with all my info on it receipts , recipe cards i have a ton from past seasons, people tend to keep recipe cards where as a buisness card it may get thrown out.
If my month is kinda slow , i also include in my email that anyone who places a online order will be entered in a drawing at the end of the month for a $20.00 PC gift certificate , to be used through me. Most people tend to spend more than the $20.00 when they redeem it and i usually add it on to a hosts order so , it doesnt really cost me $20.00. You can also feature a recipe of the month club or something just to get people to go to the site. Just some ideas I thought i would post ! :cool:
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I just activated my website. Any ideas how to get it out there and noticed. I am emailing my past customers but for searches how do you get it to pop up? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I only signed up in August to be a consultant :)
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Advertising WebsiteBeth,
HO prohibits consultants from publicizing their websites on Search Engines. (Bummer, I know). I would suggest adding the "Unable to Attend" sticker to your invitations and putting a sticker with your website on it on the front of your catalogs.

Have a great day,
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I setup the show online and then delivery the hostess their hostess packet. On the front bottom of show planner I write my website address and their hostess password. When explaining the hostess packet I tell them go to website FIRST and add guest list with emails.
My show I turned in yesterday was a catalog show that only used internet. She received 6 orders with 1 week. I am new my 1st SS month was August.
Out of the 9 shows turned in, 5 used the website. I also email the hostess from the website and just put what message I want. I also like that I can thank guest for orders and ask if they would like to added to my email mailing list which will get an average of 2 emails a month. The emails will announce monthly guest and hostess specials.
Its worth the money/
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I love the personal website!Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum and PC! Just signed up yesterday! I plan on getting a personal website b/c I have already experience success using my consultant's (now my director) personal website for my recent catalog show. My show was over $600 and all but a couple of my 18 orders were completed online as a result of e-mailed invites. I will certainly encourage my Cooking and Catalog Show hosts to use this as a way to obtain orders from out-of-town friends and family. It worked for me!:D
Eagerly awaiting my consultant #,
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Gotta Have It!!!!Okay, I just put a post up about the Partylites Consultant NOT having the ability to E-invite....

Now that the show is on the other foot, it is sooooo much easier to be able to send out ONE mass e-invite that has the logo etc...THEN the consultant also has the info, but no, because SHE doesn't have hers set up, I have to send a mass one from MY own email and THEN forward all the physical addresses to the consultant....how INCONVENIENT IS THAT???????

So, YES YES YES to the website, for the money? Oh my GOSH, my other website for my "other Career" is expensive, yet CHEAPER than MOST.....a good website per year can be 1500 and that DOESN'T include SET UP, etc....
So for the money per year, it is a MUST HAVE....:D

I'm sorry, I'm just soooo passionate about the abilities of the website....


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